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Desi Women Gamers on the Rise, Marketing Studies Show

Indian women spend almost an hour every day playing mobile games, recent surveys reveal. Many started playing during the pandemic but are still under-represented in the digital industry plans and our collective imagery. The Changing Face of India’s Online Gaming Community Marketers have held for a long time that online gamers are typically young males clicking away on their smartphones. While this is still the prevailing user profile, recent studies have shown that the share of women playing games, across the Union, has risen significantly in the past couple of years. Mobile games as a whole have seen an impressive growth lately, with 70% more users in less than a year since mid-2020. Half of all women gamers, in particular, are reported to have started playing games on their mob...

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Top 5 Cat Breeds You Should Know About

By Afshan Akram PERSIAN CATS: These cats are usually called flat faced cats. They can come in practically any tone and have a level face when contrasted with most different types of felines. Persians are included in numerous films, craftsmanship, and advertisements and have been perhaps the most famous types of felines for quite a long time. Their jackets request standard preparing, in any case, matting will result.  MAINE COON: Sometimes people get confused between Persian cats and Maine coon. Hailing from the province of Maine and the state's true feline, the Maine coon is a delicate monster. They stay perhaps the most well-known feline varieties. Numerous Maine coons have polydactylism, or additional toes, which makes their all-around huge feet considerably bigger. They are also

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MIS-C Made Me Do It: The Syndrome That Haunts Kids

By B. Suryanarayanan If 2020 was pineapple on pizza, 2021 is cringe curd on Maggi.  The year that passed had us in sync with Wallows’ song, Are you bored yet? With the introduction of a life-threatening pandemic that came with the christen COVID-19, the population thought that was it.  Except, it seems to have a lot more in connection than just the coronavirus haunting our dreams. First you had the lethal variant that took away our dearest near and knowns, letting us work on one thing for eternity, the motto of living together for Us and not I.  Next, you had springs from the fungi that reportedly grew from unhygienic conditions widespread owing to the pandemic, and then the numbers grew there too: A black fungus for firsts, a white fungus next and then we have an yellow fungus leading

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WhatsApp, IT Act 21 and Excessive Communication

By Kailash Saini WhatsApp is a common messaging app which personalizes communication among the public. Its garnered a lot of traction since its data sharing and privacy issues a few months back and now, Indian government has decided to strengthen the IT laws 2021, that would make more accountability towards fake and viral communication. App’s officials have appealed against the government decisions in the high court. Why is WhatsApp so concerned about the privacy of Indian people, when there are many reports in the media which show that It has already compromised with the privacy issues. This is the time of fake news and misinformation, it is obvious in the age of this digital media, where everyone has to access the spreading tools of information and opinions and WhatsApp has the majority

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