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MIS-C Made Me Do It: The Syndrome That Haunts Kids

By B. Suryanarayanan If 2020 was pineapple on pizza, 2021 is cringe curd on Maggi.  The year that passed had us in sync with Wallows’ song, Are you bored yet? With the introduction of a life-threatening pandemic that came with the christen COVID-19, the population thought that was it.  Except, it seems to have a lot more in connection than just the coronavirus haunting our dreams. First you had the lethal variant that took away our dearest near and knowns, letting us work on one thing for eternity, the motto of living together for Us and not I.  Next, you had springs from the fungi that reportedly grew from unhygienic conditions widespread owing to the pandemic, and then the numbers grew there too: A black fungus for firsts, a white fungus next and then we have an yellow fungus leading

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Beekeeping In India, Bitter Truth About Honey In India; Check It Now

By Maneka Sanjay Gandhi In 2013 India started using Neonicotinoid pesticides in order to protect a crop that Monsanto had promised the Indian farmer he would not have to use pesticides on. These are the worst pesticides in the world and they have been indicted for having killed billions of bees on the planet. I called a meeting of ICAR in 2014 to ask for the ban of these pesticides. ICAR refused, even though they admitted that the bee population has gone down sharply. They said cotton was more important than fruit, grain, and flowers which are dependent on bee pollination! If the bees have gone down in number drastically, how has the honey production tripled? Till 2013 the yearly growth rate was only 0-4.8%. From 2013-14 the growth rate rocketed from 5.3 to 11.1 %. This could not have hap

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