Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain Talks About Divorce, Ankita Lokhande Says ‘He Gives Zero Emotional Support’

Contestant for Bigg Boss 17 Vicky Jain and his actress wife Ankita Lokhande discuss their divorce once more. Mannara Chopra caused the couple to argue. When Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain discussed divorce on Bigg Boss 17, their fans were taken aback. Even though their arguments and fights get more intense every day, the couple discussed divorce once more tonight. Over Mannara Chopra, the actress and her husband got into a fight.

Ankita Lokhande says Vicky Jain does not give her emotional support

Preparing for the special night, the contestants opened the show. Mannara Chopra inquires of Vicky about his thoughts on her attire as Ankita Lokhande, Mannara Chopra, Vicky Jain, and Isha Malviya are observed getting ready inside the Dil room. She does it on purpose, Ankita and Isha discuss.

The actress from Pavitra Rishta later tells her husband, as they are all gathered in the living room, “Maan kar raha hain Vicky tu bohot zor ka chata kha jayega.Vicky is seen interacting with Mannara in the kitchen, and Ankita informs her husband that Mannara is teasing her in this way. In response, Jain says he doesn’t want to hear anything more about this. 

When Ankita begs him to leave her alone, the two also argue inside the kitchen. Ankita is later seen sobbing and pleading with God to help her in the restroom. While Vicky is discussing this with Ayesha, Ankita is speaking with Isha. She finally breaks down and tells him that she is disappointed with Vicky because she has certain expectations from him. Says she “Game bohot acha khel raha hoga wo, but Vicky is zero giving emotional support.”

Vicky Jain asks Ankita Lokhande to announce their divorce

The pair is later seen sitting together and discussing this. Ankita informs her spouse, “Aap honge perfect har cheez mein life mein, but isme aap sahi nahi ho. You are just not emotionally available for me, Vicky. Jo karna hain aap kariye, Manna Manna kariye.”

According to Vicky Jain, they should attempt to resolve their issues as adults rather than causing them. He tells them that they have to act like they are in a show. He declares, “Mera jo friend hain wo samjhega.. Unlogon se ayese hi karte ho taa ki mera baat bandh ho jaye. Aap badtameezi maat karo. I am not able to take it.”

Ankita also claims that their relationship is toxic. She goes on, “There was nothing between us when we entered, abhi bohot kuch ho gaya. Abhi need nahi lagti hain. Abhi feeling nahi hain we want each other or we have pyaar for each other. Tune create kiya. Meine bhi kiya, tune bhi kiya…)” To this, her husband replies, “Yahi ghoshna kar dey. Divorce kar lenge hum. Bahar jaake toh kuch kar nahi payegi. Sab badal jayegi. Tu yahi karrta hain, tujhe pata nahi kaha kya karna hain.”