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First Female President Of Sweden Resigns On 1st Day Of Her Job

Magdalena Andersson, the first female Prime Minister of Sweden resigned on the first day of her job. She won the parliamentary approval to take on the role on Wednesday. But when her coalition partner Green Party quit their two- party coalition government and her budget failed to pass, she decided to quit. After electing the Prime Minister, the centre party withdrew its support for Andersson’s budget because, concessions were given to the ‘Left’ in the budget. And thus the parliament was unable to pass the budget proposal due to insufficient votes. The parliament later adopted a substitute budget presented by the opposition conservative moderates.  But the leader of Green Party couldn’t cope up with the opposition’s  “historic and far right” Budget . Thus they quit the government. This...

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PM Modi’s Photo In The Hindu Mahasabha Office Taken Down After Repeal Of Farm Laws.

In a 30-sec video clip from the Hindu Mahasabha office, officials are seen taking PM Modi’s photograph from the wall. It was later replaced with Savarkar’s photograph. PM’s photograph was recently taken down from the Hindu Mahasabha office. PM Modi had barely finished his speech declaring the repeal of the controversial farm laws before the internet witnessed a large-scale meltdown from India’s angry and disillusioned right-wing. Many hardcore, longtime loyalists were seen criticising PM Modi for what they perceived to be an unpardonable sign of weakness in someone they considered a strong leader. Ranging from irate, to sad, to downright funny there was an entire range of emotions and outbursts on full and unrestrained display. Somewhere in the midst of all that internet and soc...

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How Belarus-Poland Border Crisis Turned Out To Be A Humanitarian Crisis?

A life threatening crisis is happening on the border between Poland and Belarus. Here, the European country Belarus is using thousands of vulnerable refugees as weapons against Poland. Autocratic ruler of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko has invited thousands of refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq and dumped them in the forest near Poland’s border. They have been told that if they need to survive, they would have to cut the razor wires of the border and enter into Poland. Or else they’ll freeze into death in the chilled forest. Images of migrants  who travelled to Kuznica-Bruzhi border crossing via Belarus, trying to force their way Into Poland and being deterred have occupied attention all over the world. Refugees gathered in the border of Poland where the security forces are stre...

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Xi-BIDEN Virtual Summit: A Quick Look At The Relevance And Takeaways

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping held a virtual meeting recently. The world watched cautiously as the two clashing behemoths of the international, geopolitical stage discussed ways to scale down mutual mistrust and prevent potential clashes. On Tuesday the Chinese president Xi Jinping met his American counterpart Joe Biden over a virtual meeting. Xi and his group of advisers spoke to Biden who was joined by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and a few more aides. This meeting comes in the midst of rising tensions between the two of the biggest powers in the world right now. Understandably, both countries and possibly everyone else who was following this summit closely had low expectations and high hopes from this meeting.  Joe Biden in the middle of the virtual summit with Chinese Pres...

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Russia Begins S-400 Delivery To India

Russia has initiated the delivery of the S-400 air defense system to India. It is likely to arrive in the first week of December in India. This new initiative may coincide with the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to India. Putin will be in New Delhi to renew military-technical cooperation between the two sides for the next decade. The S-400 is a complex Air defense missile. This missile is a system consisting of radars, control systems, and different types of missiles which was developed in the 1990s by Russia's Almaz Central Design Bureau as an upgrade of the S-300 series of surface-to-air missile systems. It has been in service with the Russian Armed Force since 2007. The S400 defense system is equipped with targeting systems, multifunctioning radars, autonomous detection, An...

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