Defend Surrogacy Or Not? The Moral Compass In Society

Priyanka Chopra announced the arrival of her newborn child that she welcomed to this world through surrogacy. Social media was set ablaze with good wishes but this news also started the debate around the pregnancy process. Bollywood has a certain long association with it. Surrogacy as a practice is banned completely in several countries, while other countries allow a type of this practice. India has banned foreign commercial surrogacy. By definition, surrogacy is a practice where a third person(woman) bears a child for another couple/person, the latter eventually becoming the parents after the birth of the said child. It's a legal arrangement(money may or may not be involved) where the surrogate mother has no claim on the child whatsoever. Technology always at the first gra...

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India Registers Active Covid Cases Of Over 3 Lakh In 24hrs; Lessons World Can Learn From COVID-19

There is no doubt that pandemic has been harsh on everybody be rich or poor every has some sort of devastating story to tell which pandemic has given to them. Some became orphans some lost their earning members. Some lost their dear ones and many suffered from the devastating events. There is a saying every coin has two sides. Though pandemics being harsh on everyone has taught some lessons from our routine jogging to shaping our view indeed pandemics taught us few lessons which the world should recognize. Let's see how. Preparedness Getting ready in advance for any emergency-like situation which could probably happen in the future can help to minimize the effect arising out of any pandemic-like situation. During the initial stages, the lack of awareness and testing infrastr...

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Omicron: The End Game Of COVID-19?

With the arrival of the Omicron variant, the number of cases is increasing rapidly and it has surpassed the second wave. Cases in France, Argentina, Mexico, the USA and even Australia which had kept itself locked out from the rest of the world are increasing. Australia has locked itself out for the last 2 years due to COVID-19. Foreigners find it difficult to enter the country. No sooner they had tried to open up the country the number of cases went up so quickly.  Apart from all these, the good news is that scientists are claiming that it is the endgame ofCOVID-19. Let’s analyze the latest updates regarding this finding. Omicron variant was being assumed to be a mild variant which is less threatening compared to the Delta variant. Now, this has been proved by scientists in va...

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Why DOLO 650 Has Been A Favorite Medicine During The Pandemic? Find Out Here!

For the last 2 years, DOLO 650 has been very famous in the Indian medicine market. It is manufactured in Bangalore-based micro labs and has been labeled the best medicine for Indians for fighting covid. The sales of Dolo 650 have been increased drastically during the pandemic. It has become a doctor’s favorite medicine while treating patients with covid. The sales of Dolo 650 exponentially increased. Dolo 650 has become a popular painkiller and an antipyretic tablet. Pyretic here means fever-causing substance and antipyretic means fever-curing substance. since fever is a very common symptom in covid, therefore, Dolo 650 is prescribed. Dolo 650 is a tablet that is of paracetamol compound. WHY THIS SUDDEN INCREASE?We are right now suffering from a pandemic for the last two years. In ...

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Hospitals Test Patients Despite ICMR Guidelines Suggesting Against It

Several hospitals are found conducting COVID-19 tests for patients during their admission, despite the Indian Council of Medical Research's (ICMR) latest guidelines that state against the testing of asymptomatic patients. “Asymptomatic patients undergoing surgical/non-surgical invasive procedures including pregnant women in/near labour who are hospitalised for delivery should not be tested unless warranted or symptoms develop,” stated the guidelines. However, doctors claim surgical outcomes of patients with active infection could be worse. “Unless it is an emergency life-threatening condition, we do test the patients before any procedures. The patients are also tested before they are moved from one ward to the other. There is no workaround. Even an asymptomatic person can give the infe...

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