Russia, India, China (RIC) Trilateral Calls For “Truly Inclusive ” Govt In Afghanistan

On November 26 three of the largest and arguably the most important nations of the Eurasian region: India, Russia and China came together for a virtual meeting. The meeting was held under the RIC (Russia-India-China) framework. Friday’s trilateral summit is the 18th meeting of the RIC countries at the level of foreign ministers, and possibly the most important one given the recent geopolitical shifts and complications in the region. India took over the chair of the RIC after the last Moscow trilateral held in September. Hence India’s external affairs minister S Jaishankar chaired this meet. His Chinese counterpart Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attended the meeting. Together, the representatives of the three nations tackled issues such as: recent changes in the ...

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First Female President Of Sweden Resigns On 1st Day Of Her Job

Magdalena Andersson, the first female Prime Minister of Sweden resigned on the first day of her job. She won the parliamentary approval to take on the role on Wednesday. But when her coalition partner Green Party quit their two- party coalition government and her budget failed to pass, she decided to quit. After electing the Prime Minister, the centre party withdrew its support for Andersson’s budget because, concessions were given to the ‘Left’ in the budget. And thus the parliament was unable to pass the budget proposal due to insufficient votes. The parliament later adopted a substitute budget presented by the opposition conservative moderates.  But the leader of Green Party couldn’t cope up with the opposition’s  “historic and far right” Budget . Thus they quit the government. This...

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Pegasus: The Political Disrupter

Just a few months back millions of people heard the name Pegasus and most of them were not even aware of what it is and what it can do and how?? Soon all were googling the word and it was a surprise for most of us that it’s a spyware developed by Israeli cyberarms firm NSO group which can sneak and steal information from any device running on iOS and Android. It cashes on the weakness in the system. Once it enters your device it can reach to your photo apps, clicking links, messages, emails, Facebook, whatsapp, Skype, call logs, browsing preferences and many other applications. In short it can take away any kind of information from your device without your knowledge. It can also self abolish itself on command or if it is unable to connect with its control server. It was discovered in Augu...

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How Belarus-Poland Border Crisis Turned Out To Be A Humanitarian Crisis?

A life threatening crisis is happening on the border between Poland and Belarus. Here, the European country Belarus is using thousands of vulnerable refugees as weapons against Poland. Autocratic ruler of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko has invited thousands of refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq and dumped them in the forest near Poland’s border. They have been told that if they need to survive, they would have to cut the razor wires of the border and enter into Poland. Or else they’ll freeze into death in the chilled forest. Images of migrants  who travelled to Kuznica-Bruzhi border crossing via Belarus, trying to force their way Into Poland and being deterred have occupied attention all over the world. Refugees gathered in the border of Poland where the security forces are stre...

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Space Debris: New Junkyard In Progress

The fascination of exploring space and universe is one of the magnificent achievements of mankind that has helped us in reaching new goals in our science and technology. Exploration of space has always been a unique and mystical experience for mankind and the results we got are extraordinary too. We have come quite ahead in terms of our technology development over the last few decades and that’s why this period is known and will be known as the period of technology in our evolution for the coming generations. But as Newton said every action has an equal and opposite reaction, is also very much applicable to us in this aspect too. When we talk about the work we have done in the department of space technology, from exploring the Moon to Mars, from sending objects to sending humans in spa...

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