Gaza’s Only Covid Testing Lab Destroyed In The Airstrikes!

By Vaishali Negi
An official report says that Gaza’s main Covid testing lab has been destroyed by an Israeli airstrike on Monday. Dr. Dahir, director of the ministry’s preventive medicine department stated that the airstrike destroyed the lab and administrative offices. One ministry official was hospitalized when a shrapnel struck him in the head. Dr. Dahir said that the equipment inside is not affected but still it will require some time to clean up the lab.

Israeli airstrikes started on May 10 aiming  to destroy the militants and it’s infrastructure. Loss of militant tunnels and the home of nine Hamas commanders have been confirmed by the Israeli Ministry. Many people lost their lives and homes. A dispute between Hamas, who controls Gaza and Israel is the reason for the airstrikes. It is said that Hamas start firing rockets after warning Israel to step back.

Rami Abadla, the director of Gaza’s ministry’s infection control department, said that the lab is temporarily unable to process any medical conditions. World health organization officials said that vaccination has also been stopped after the hostilities broke out. Due to the closure of borders, covid vaccine supply is also affected for the Territories. 

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