The Connection Of Food And Culture Is Much More Than We Think, Here Know How?

Have you wondered about the food or cuisine that you enjoy daily may speak a lot about our tradition and many untold stories? Many ceremonies are incomplete without certain foods like pakhla that is an Oriya dish that is offered to Lord Jagannath and it is said that even Lord Jagannatha's food is incomplete without pakhala bhat. There are so many food stories around us but we hardly pay attention to them. India is a land of diverse cultures but also diverse in food culture. Different parts of India have some dishes which are their identities like idli, dosa, Kerala mutton curry, tundey kabab of Lucknow, Hyderabadi biryani, dhokla of Gujrat, mache jhol of west Bengal,thupka and what not. There are more connections between food and our culture than we think. FOOD AND CHILDHOOD MEMORIE...

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Hate Speech Saga Needs To Be Addressed, Threat To Our Integrity: IIM’s Students And Staff Writes To The PM

Hate Speech Saga continues to draw attention from different sections of society. This includes students, teachers, intellects, educationists, lawyers, etc. The recent one to stand against it is the IIM's Students and staff members. They have written an open letter to Prime Minister Mr. Modi regarding the Dharam Sansad events which recently took place in a different part of the country. These Dharam Sansad events are promoting hate speech against Muslims by the Hindu religious representatives. IIM faculty has written to the PM stating " Your silence, Honourable Prime Minister, emboldens the hate-filled voices and threatens the unity and integrity of our country. We request you to stand firm against forces that seek to divide us". Letter to the PM from IIM students and faculty Hate Sp...

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Supreme Court Rejects CBSE’s Marks Improvement Policy, Says Students Should Get Option

The Supreme Court on Friday giving an important decision in the interest of students, canceled provision-28 of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)'s marks improvement policy. The provision of the CBSE Marks Improvement Policy stated that the marks obtained in the Marks Improvement Examination will now be considered as the final marks of Class XII students for the previous academic year. This matter was heard in the Supreme Court by a bench of Justice AM Khanwilkar and Justice CT Ravikumar. The bench of the Supreme Court said that the students are seeking to retain their original marks, as retaining the marks of the improvement examination may cause problems in taking admission in higher education. The bench further said that the students should have the option to choose bet...

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Green Signal For NEET-PG Counselling From SC To Start The Admissions For 2021-22 Session

Green signal for NEET-PG counselling from Supreme Court today brings huge relief for resident doctors. In today's judgement SC upheld the 27% quota for OBC and 10% for EWS categories for NEET-PG admissions this year. The delay in counselling also led to a protest by the resident doctors last month in December in the capital. During this protest, even Delhi police and resident doctors came face to the face causing an escalation of the protest. Post that episode, the protest became viral on social media also. But today this decision has sent waves of joy among the medical and healthcare departments across the nation. Green Signal For NEET-PG Counselling from SC NEET-PG Counselling Details: Counselling for the admissions was due in October 2021 which was delayed as several petition...

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EWS Seats In Private School Vacant By 33% In Delhi In The Pandemic Year 2020-21

EWS seats in the private school in the capital remains vacant by more than 33%. EWS category is the category reserved for poor students and In Delhi 25% of seats are reserved for such kids. This reservation of 25% also includes DG [Disadvantage Group]. For the academic session of 2020-2021 around 50,000 seats were available and 17,000 remains unfilled in the capital. EWS Seats Status In Delhi and Other States: During the session of 2020-2021 the admission stretched over nine months in Delhi. By the end of 2020 over 17,000 seats were vacant. Whereas in 2019-2020 total applications received in Delhi touched 1,39,508 and out of which all of the 50,567 seats were filled. Bright Spots Report shows many states like Andhra Pradesh, Jammu&Kashmir, Kerala, Telegana, West Bengal did not I...

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