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“Get Away From The Sea”- Tonga Volcanic Eruption Has Made Us Realize Many Things, Read On!

There is a general misconception about volcanoes taking place on the surface of the water. The images of the recent volcanic eruption in the Tonga region, which is supposed to be the world's biggest volcanic eruption within 30 years, are just the right example. Let's just try and understand this entire phenomenon in detail Location Of Tonga Island Tonga is the Polynesian Kingdom that is situated in the middle of Australia and New Zealand. It is a group of 170 South Pacific islands. It's a country that has its national flag with a population of around 1 lakh. Why The Volcanic Eruption Happened? There have been many active volcanoes in the pacific ocean that mix with the seawater slowly. But what happened in the case of Tonga was different. Generally, whenever lav...

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What The First Indian Woman Doctor Can Tell You About Women Empowerment? Know Everything About Anandibai Joshi

There is an old saying, a man with dreams needs a woman with a vision. Similarly, a woman with dreams and vision can dare to change the system with just a little push and support from society. History has so many examples where women had dared to change society's beliefs and thoughts right from pre-independence to the post-independence era. One such woman is Anandibai Joshi, the first women doctor in south Asia in the late 1880s. She was a doctor in medicine, studied from America. Her thesis holds value in both allopathy medicine and Ayurveda medicine. She was even congratulated by Queen Victoria on her convocation. The path from a wife to a doctor was not easy for Anandibai. Married at the age of 9 to a 20-year elder widower Gopal Rao. However, her husband, who was a strong bel...

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Why Are People In The US Quitting Their Jobs? Deets Inside

When the pandemic hit, people were not quitting their jobs even at the lower rate they were continuing due to fear and uncertainty. However, now one year later in 2021, the workforce of us has started leaving their jobs due to unprecedented rates thereby causing great resignation.According to the US labor department,4.5 million workers left in November 2021.There is an estimate that in total 75.5 million people in amerce resigned in 2021. Low-wage workers would likely resign in search of better opportunities thereby, affecting the sector including hospitality, healthcare, warehousing, etc. SITUATION IN INDIAComparatively in India, the situation would be different but still cause for concern. It sector would hire at unprecedented rates following the great resignation. Not only peopl...

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Why DOLO 650 Has Been A Favorite Medicine During The Pandemic? Find Out Here!

For the last 2 years, DOLO 650 has been very famous in the Indian medicine market. It is manufactured in Bangalore-based micro labs and has been labeled the best medicine for Indians for fighting covid. The sales of Dolo 650 have been increased drastically during the pandemic. It has become a doctor’s favorite medicine while treating patients with covid. The sales of Dolo 650 exponentially increased. Dolo 650 has become a popular painkiller and an antipyretic tablet. Pyretic here means fever-causing substance and antipyretic means fever-curing substance. since fever is a very common symptom in covid, therefore, Dolo 650 is prescribed. Dolo 650 is a tablet that is of paracetamol compound. WHY THIS SUDDEN INCREASE?We are right now suffering from a pandemic for the last two years. In ...

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How Does BRO Help Tackling China And Pakistan’s Anti-Indian Strides, Let’s Check Out

The motto of the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) says “kadi mehnat aur tapasaya se kuch bhi hasil kiya ja sakta hai,” which translates into, anything can be achieved with hard work and penance. Since independence, there have been many challenges related to India's borders. They are filled with obstacles like deserts, lofty mountains, snow, rivers, hilly regions among others. BRO has been involved in overcoming most of these obstacles. The organisation has constructed many roads for providing mobility to armed forces as well as to the local population in a hostile region. They have provided connectivity to the local population and had bridged it with mainstream development. If we talk about the core responsibility, BRO has constructed border roads in 19 states, 3 union territori...

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