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Aparna Joining BJP May Increase Conflict In Lucknow Cantt Seat, SP Strategizes To Counterattack

Mulayam Singh Yadav's younger daughter-in-law Aparna Yadav joined BJP on Wednesday and the party gets a psychological edge. BJP may publicize this as a split in the Mulayam family. In the last Assembly elections, Akhilesh Yadav had to bear the loss of resentment from uncle Shivpal Yadav. Uttar Pradesh BJP president Swatantra Dev Singh probed, "If Samajwadi Party (SP) president Akhilesh Yadav could not keep his family united, then what would be able to keep Uttar Pradesh united?" However, SP has prepared to give a befitting reply to this by uprooting a big problem of BJP. According to BJP sources, the party can field Aparna Yadav from Lucknow Cantt seat and she has accepted to join the BJP camp only after getting assurance from the party in this regard. A decision on this can...

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India Launched S4 Submarines Of Arihant Class, Are Nuclear Power Submarines The Future?

Recently India launched S4 submarines of Arihant class which is a nuclear power submarine. But according to the reports, the media is covering the news as secretly launched which is not true in the real sense. Let's discuss it. BRIEF ABOUT THE SUBMARINES During the war of 1971 when the USA dents its warships to him southern India to save Pakistan. USSR came to India's rescue and deployed its nuclear submarine to defend India. Since then there a need arose to have submarines to safeguard the areas of national waters. submarines are a very good tool. advantage of the nuclear submarine over diesel-electric submarines is they don't have to frequently come over the surface of the water for refueling and can stay in water for months. Also, it makes lesser noise compared to die...

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CM Channi’s Statement Came To The Fore On PM Modi’s ‘Security Lapse’ In Punjab, Said, “There Was Not Any Danger”

Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi's reaction came on the issue of 'security lapse' of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday. Channi said that I respect Prime Minister Narendra Modi and I am sorry that he had to go back. Let us inform you that due to 'serious security lapse', Prime Minister Narendra Modi got stuck on a flyover for 15 to 20 minutes on Wednesday when some protesters blocked the road while going by road in Punjab due to a 'serious security lapse'. Due to this, the Prime Minister returned without attending an event at the martyr's memorial. "I respect PM Modi" Channi said in a press conference, "I respect Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I had to go with him too, but I could not go. I sent Finance Minister Manpreet Badal to accompany the PM in my place. T...

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More Than 45 Million People In 43 Countries Of The World Are On The Verge Of Starvation And Famine – WFP

About four and a half crore people of the world are on the verge of famine. Giving information about this, the World Food Program (WFP) has warned that such a situation exists in 43 countries. According to WFP, the condition of crores of people in the world is so bad that they are not getting food for two times to fill their stomach. The situation is continuously getting worse and worse. In a press release, the organization has said that in the year 2019, this number was 27 million, which has increased to 40 million at the beginning of the current year. According to the organization, the most rapid increase in the number of people suffering from hunger has come in Burundi, Kenya, Angola, Somalia, Haiti, Ethiopia and Afghanistan. The organization's executive director David Beazley h...

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Know Why There Is A Ruckus On Salman Khurshid’s Book ‘Sunrise Over Ayodhya’

There is a ruckus on Sunrise over Ayodhya, a book by former Union Minister and Congress leader Salman Khurshid. The book was launched on Wednesday itself. A few hours after its launch, there was a ruckus on it. The reason for the ruckus is that there are some controversial parts written in it, due to which Khurshid has also made headlines in the media. Khurshid is being accused of trying to defame Hindutva through this book. In fact, in this book, he has compared Hindutva with terrorist organizations ISIS and Boko Haram. On the Supreme Court's decision on Ayodhya, Khurshid said that he felt that he should interpret the judgment with which he was once associated. BJP leader Kapil Mishra has made a strong attack on this book of his through social media. He says that even after the re...

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