Hospitals Test Patients Despite ICMR Guidelines Suggesting Against It

Several hospitals are found conducting COVID-19 tests for patients during their admission, despite the Indian Council of Medical Research's (ICMR) latest guidelines that state against the testing of asymptomatic patients. “Asymptomatic patients undergoing surgical/non-surgical invasive procedures including pregnant women in/near labour who are hospitalised for delivery should not be tested unless warranted or symptoms develop,” stated the guidelines. However, doctors claim surgical outcomes of patients with active infection could be worse. “Unless it is an emergency life-threatening condition, we do test the patients before any procedures. The patients are also tested before they are moved from one ward to the other. There is no workaround. Even an asymptomatic person can give the infe...

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Pandemic Leaves 10,000 Children As Orphans, 1.35 Lakh To Lose Either Parent: NCPCR Report

Over 10,000 children are left orphaned and around 1.36 lakh children have lost one parent during the pandemic, according to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). The commission presented the data in front of the Supreme Court. The report also said that a total of 488 children have been abandoned since the pandemic hit. PANDEMIC LEAVES 10000 ORPHANS, PM-CARES FUNDS TO HELP SUCH CHILDREN NCPCR Report's Findings : The apex child rights body collected the data between the duration of April 1, 2020, to January 11, 2022. According to the report, 10,094 children are left alone without any parent. Whereas 1,36,910 children have lost one parent due to COVID-19 during this pandemic. It further showed that 488 children between the age group of 0 - 13 years have be...

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Shutting Down Schools In Pandemic Is Not A Scientific Approach: World Bank’s Global Education Director

We all have been a part of this debate that whether physical classes in schools should continue or not during the ongoing pandemic. The Global Education Director of the World Bank Jaime Saavedra said there is no evidence to prove that the reopening of schools causes a hike in corona cases. Saavedra and his team have been tracking and studying the impact of the pandemic on the education sector. He also said during this pandemic, the narrative which shows schools are not a safe place is a hoax. He said in the perspective of public policy to keep schools closed is not a scientific approach. "There is no relation between opening schools and spread of coronavirus. There is no evidence linking the two and there is no justification now to keep the schools closed. Even if there are new wa...

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Unvaccinated Novak’s Visa Revoked Again By The Australian Government, Details Inside.

Unvaccinated Novak's visa was revoked for the second time in a row by the Australian government. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke announces the decision in a statement on Friday. But still, this does not mean that Novak will depart from Australia as the decision can be challenged by his legal time. As of now the chances of Novak's participation in the Australian Open are narrowing sharply. This can put an end to the dream of Novak's 21st Grand Slam Win. UNVACCINATED NOVAK'S VISA WAS REVOKED AGAIN Why Is Novak's Visa Revoked ? The Australian government clearly states that the decision is based upon health and good order grounds. The decision is taken under Section 133C(3) of the Migration act to cancel the visa. Alex Hake says " in making the decision, I carefully considered infor...

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Centre Issues New Guidelines For Discharging COVID Patients

The Union health ministry on Wednesday organized a press conference regarding the increasing COVID positive cases. During the conference, the Joint Secretary of the ministry, Luv Agarwal, said that the rate of COVID positive cases in Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Gujarat is increasing expeditiously. "It has become a matter of concern for all of us now," Agarwal said. “A high Covid surge noticed globally – in 159 countries; Eight countries in Europe reporting an increase of cases by more than 2 times in the last two weeks," he added. Meanwhile, the Centre has also issued new guidelines for discharging the patients in light of reviewing the current COVID-19 situation. Now people infected with mild symptoms can be discharged afte...

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