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What The First Indian Woman Doctor Can Tell You About Women Empowerment? Know Everything About Anandibai Joshi

There is an old saying, a man with dreams needs a woman with a vision. Similarly, a woman with dreams and vision can dare to change the system with just a little push and support from society. History has so many examples where women had dared to change society's beliefs and thoughts right from pre-independence to the post-independence era. One such woman is Anandibai Joshi, the first women doctor in south Asia in the late 1880s. She was a doctor in medicine, studied from America. Her thesis holds value in both allopathy medicine and Ayurveda medicine. She was even congratulated by Queen Victoria on her convocation. The path from a wife to a doctor was not easy for Anandibai. Married at the age of 9 to a 20-year elder widower Gopal Rao. However, her husband, who was a strong bel...

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Light Goes Out On Women First; Let’s Explore Why And How?

Coal, fuel and electricity are running short and getting dearer in India and the world. It’s a good time to look at our collective crises from a gendered perspective. Picture this: There has been no power for 24 hours now. The days prior to this blackout were no cakewalk either. Hardly 2-4 hours of electricity in a day for several months now. Children’s education cannot be compromised. Husband’s job cannot be compromised. The household’s basic health and hygiene cannot be compromised. The lady of the house now plans all household chores around the few hours of electricity supply. Remember, in the absence of electrical appliances, her work has more than doubled.  Picture this: An international bottle-neck in crude oil supply is driving up cooking fuel prices. At home the gas...

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Women More Employable Than Men In India; Says India Skills Report 2021

According to India Skills Report 2021, women tend to be more employable than men. The report says that the number of women enrolling in colleges has increased over the past. The Wheebox National Employability Test the data of employability stands on 46.8% employable women versus 45.91% employable men. Although it’s the men who secure the most of the jobs despite women being more employable. The report says that women make the cut of 36 percent of all the professionals where men stand ahead with 64 percent. Wheebox Founder and CEO Nirmal Singh said, “Finally Gender Gap in Employability is improving with the Indian Digital revolution. One great structural change that we found is that women's participation is higher than in the previous 5 years. Women consist of 36% of the workforce, whil...

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Bumble App Founder Just Became World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire At Age 31

Bumble, a dating app made by women for women has just made its founder the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Recently, Whitney Wolf has made her company Bumble Inc. public since then the shares of the dating app has soared 67% while debuting in the trade market to $72 in New York. After that, the value of the Chief Executive officer Whitney Wolfe Herd has gone to $1.5 Billion. Whitney Wolf who was an executive at Tinder who left her job and started her own female-led dating app in 2014. The main objective of Herd was to create a platform where women are the ones in control of making commitments and building relationships. Whitney wrote in Bumble’s S-1 filing "The importance of a woman making the first move is not exclusive to the world of dating, romance, or love,". She also wrote ...

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Mahua Mohitra’s Fierce Remarks Cause Uproar In Lok Sabha; Read To Find Out More

While speaking in her address in the Lok Sabha, TMC MP Mahua Mohita made some strong and bold remarks on the government of India and its governance. But what shook the house most was her comment on a former CJI of India made during her fiery speech in the parliament. Mahua Mohitra was speaking on how the judiciary, a prominent pillar of democracy of India is not sacred anymore. She said, “Judiciary is not sacred anymore. Its stop being sacred the day a sitting CJI of India was accused of sexual harassment preceded over his trial, cleared himself and then proceeded over to accept a nomination to the upper house within three months of retirement”. In response, many MP’s from the treasury bench rose to hover her speech and started calling out to her for insulting the President and the dem...

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