NCERT Survey: Students Face Trouble In Online Classes, Hesitate In Asking Questions!

The corona virus epidemic has changed the way people live in the world and their way of life. Many new things have become a part of our life. We have adopted some of these with the changing times and we are still facing difficulties in adapting to some. One of these is the problem of online classes for children. Initially, children had a lot of difficulty in learning and understanding it and the problem still persists. NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) recently conducted a survey in which many new things came out in the open.

Let us inform that the Manodarpan Cell of NCERT conducted this survey from January to March, 2022 in which a total of 3.79 lakh students from 36 states and union territories were included. In the survey, questions were asked from students of classes 6 to 8 and from class 9 to 12.The survey, based on children’s mental health and well-being, revealed that at least 73 per cent of children are happy with their school life, while 45 are not satisfied. Of these, 33 percent are children who also have to face pressure from their group of friends.

According to this survey report released on Tuesday, as soon as children reach the secondary stage after class eight, they have to face many things in their school life and personal life. In this situation their satisfaction level has seen a decline.In this era, children are afraid of board exams, their sensitivity towards relationships increases, pressure from friends, worries about career for the time to come, so overall they remain very confused.

According to the survey, about 81 percent of secondary stage children have been found to have high levels of stress. They always think more about Exams, Results, Marks.43 percent of the students surveyed said that they do not have much difficulty in learning new things. In this, the number of students from class VI to VIII was more than that of secondary school, which is 46 and 41 percent respectively.

Let us tell you that the privacy of the respondents was taken care of very well in this survey. To solve these problems of children, yoga practice and meditation were said to be effective.