What Causing Most Pollution To Environment In India? Few Initiatives To Prevent It!

In India, Industrial pollution accounts for 51% of pollution, vehicles contribute  27%, crop burning accounts for 17%, and other sources contribute about 5%. Every year, air pollution contributes to the premature deaths of 2 million Indians.

Air pollution is steadily rising due to the burning of Diwali crackers, gas leaks from businesses, explosions, the daily increase in the number of vehicles and industries, as well as the release of harmful gases, ozone, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. Many factors contribute to the increase in pollution, including many others. This increasing environmental pollution is having a serious impact on people’s quality of life. Even neglecting the right to pollute has become a global problem, polluting the air around us and the water we use.

Here are few Initiatives through which we can prevent the pollution of getting worsen;

Use Public Transport Or Electric Vehicle

Vehicles are one of the main sources of carbon dioxide emissions. By using public transport or car sharing, you burn less fuel and reduce emissions. Using public transport can also help you save money.Walking or cycling reduces air pollution and reduces congestion. Hiking and cycling are also good for health.petrol and diesel vehicles emit toxic air pollutants that increase air pollution. Electric vehicles do not pollute the air because they do not use diesel or gasoline.

Save Electricity and Use Solar Energy

The power consumption of electronic devices also contributes to air pollution. Thus, reducing power consumption can save energy. Lights and electrical appliances should be turned off at home and at work when not in use. You can also help the environment by using energy efficient LED lighting. It is also not recommended to use the air conditioner in winter.

During the day, you can turn off the lights and open the windows to let in sunlight, a source of vitamin D. You can also use solar energy as a sustainable source of energy. This saves a lot of money, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and thus improves air quality.

Recycling And Reusing Of Product

Recycling and reusing is a great way to conserve the limited resources we have. This helps reduce air pollution because the manufacturing process for recycled products requires less energy than new products.

Tree Planting

Plants use photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen to improve air quality. Plants can actively trap pollutants. Thus, sustainability is one of the best ways to combat rising air pollution. Trees, shrubs, and houseplants can be planted to remove pollutants from the air.

Apart from this Keep the home environment clean from carpets, upholstery, dust, pet hair.Avoid using plastic materials. Paper bags are an alternative solution.Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in our homes come from chemicals used in cleaning products. For example, cleaning products contain limonene, which reacts with ozone naturally present in the home to form formaldehyde. Frying of food items results in particulate pollution, especially on gas stoves, where NO2 is an air pollutant. Ensure adequate ventilation while cooking.