China Defending Its Zero-Covid Policy Likely To Have An Major Impact; Lets Understand

While other countries across the world are gradually relaxing their COVID related restrictions and urging their respective citizens that they’re going to should comply with the COVID-19 virus, China is following a strict Zero-Covid policy.

The Zero-Covid policy of China involves the utilization of aggressive measures and policies that are necessary to eliminate and control the COVID-19 virus’s local transmission.

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The Chinese government remains determined to manage COVID-19 outbreaks within the country including the smaller ones. they’re prepared to use any harsh measures to induce the specified results. This policy of China affects public life and therefore the citizens are discontenting.

A recent spike in covid cases led China to implement these measures and placed 193 million people across 23 cities, including Shanghai, in partial or full lockdown.

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Through the implementation of lockdown measures the control of the local spread was temporarily successful, but the highly transmissible Omicron variant poses a challenge to the current policy.

The measures that are being implemented by China to prevent local transmission are deemed as Draconian by the people because the people of the country don’t seem to be ready to get access to essential services like food and health care and other basic amenities.

Several major cities of the country have come to a halt because the residents of the cities are being confined to their respective houses with limited availability of essential resources.

Covid in China: Lockdowns, mass testing, quarantines, frustration

Since 2020, China has drastically cut international travel within the country by restricting flights and cancelling visas.

This stringent policy of China is additionally putting strain on the country’s economy.

While millions are under lockdown, plenty of the citizens are forced to relocate to numerous quarantine camps or metal box houses and are forced to undergo mass testing.

The conditions at these quarantine camps are not up to the mark with there being an absence of predicament, portable toilets, and privacy.

China to stick with zero-Covid policy, but the rules may be 'refined', premier says | South China Morning Post

While the country remains implementing these strict measures, the govt. has shown signs of relaxing other COVID related measures and guidelines. the factors for discharging a patient from quarantine have also been relaxed.

Earlier, the Chinese government had ruled that asymptomatic, likewise, patients with mild symptoms, must even be admitted to the hospital, but now they’re proposing to locally isolate such asymptomatic or mild cases.