Afghans Suffer As Food Crisis Deepens Under Taliban: Report

As per the reports from International Forum for Rights and Security (IFFRAS), a Canada-based think tank, Afghanistan is facing food crisis. The reports said that 95% of Afghans do not have enough food. Ever since the Taliban rule, the condition of Afghanistan has been worsening, as they do not have enough funds to procure food and provide other essentials. 95% of Afghans do not have enough food- IFFRAS reports "There are reports that 95 percent of Afghans do not have enough food to eat while half of the population is expected to face acute levels of hunger as winter sets in early November," IFFRAS said. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has released a report stating that the lives and livelihoods of people have been severely affected due to a number of reasons including drought, Co...

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Food Crisis In North Korea Followed By ‘Kimjongunism’

The North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un wants to promote the ideology of 'Kimjongunism'. Kim has already removed portraits of his father and grandfather. According to reports, portraits of Kim II-Sung and Kim Jong-il have been taken down from Pyongyang's (the capital of North Korea) official buildings. According to a South Korean spy agency, the term 'Kimjongunism' is being used in governmental circles. Experts see Kim's effort as a tactic to break away from the shadows of his predecessors. Reports claim that Kim Jong-un is being referred to as the 'Great Leader' by North Korea's state media. However, the title was previously only used to describe Kim II-Sung, Kim Jong-un's grandfather. This attempt by Kim Jong-un expose Kim himself wants to establish his own credentials as a heroic leader...

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