‘To Hell With You’: Alia Bhatt Reveals She Confronted Casual Sexism

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt recently spoke about facing casual sexism and how random sexist words made her feel irritated and resentful. Darlings actress Alia said she did not acknowledge sexism when she listened to random sexiest words. But learned it later. Alia even disclosed that she gets irritated and resentful when women are pointed to hide their bras. 

In a recent interview, Alia disclosed how women are suggested to tolerate immoral things in society. She revealed how she faced sexism on many occasions in the film industry. Alia told Mojo Story that she had faced casual sexism and often did not detect it. She further displayed that she was not much aware of it and stated, ‘it just makes so much meaning as ‘oh my god that was such a sexist observance, or that I was a subject of intense misogyny at that time. This is the reason I am so much more susceptible. Occasionally my friends go like, ‘what’s wrong with you? Why have you become so aggressive?’

Alia commented hell with everyone, and she was not being sensitive. She even said that she gets annoyed when people say these random things like ‘your bra shouldn’t be on a bed, hide the bra.’ Why hide it? Its clothes, you’re flickering your underwear. I am not saying anything. It’s not like it has occurred with me actively, but there is a particular understanding of how you should hide many things as a woman.’ Alia has been on the trending entertainment news since her pregnancy news.

On their work front, Alia will be seen next in Darlings, a dark comedy movie. Alia will play the character of a female who will be seen retaliating against her husband after suffering domestic violence. The film stars Shefali Shah and Vijay Varma in lead roles. Darlings are planned to release on Netflix on August 5