Should India Be Worried About Pakistan’s New Ambassador To USA?

Ambassador Masood Khan is a seasoned career diplomat and was previously ‘President’ of POK. Will Khan’s appointment as US Ambassador affect the US stand on the Kashmir issue? The new Ambassador of Pakistan to the USA and Ex ‘President’ of POK Masood Khan. The appointment of the ex ‘president’ of POK as Pakistan’s latest ambassador to the USA should be a matter of concern to at least a few heads in the South Block offices. Masood Khan is not an average ex-politician elevated to a cushy diplomatic posting. This man is a seasoned career-diplomat, with extensive experience of both international diplomacy and internal politics in Pakistan. His appointment has raised some concerns over whether or not he can successfully sway the White House’s stand on the Kashmir issue. Pakistan as we ...

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‘I Was Invited To The Alleged Drug-On-Cruise Party’ Says Congress Minister

The case of drug on the cruise is getting more and more tangled with the introduction and addition of celebrities. Aryan Khan, son of SRK, served days in Arthur Road Jail, Mumbai. Now, the case has taken a new twist with the statement of Maharashtra Minister, Aslam Shaikh.  The remarks came just a day after the NCP’s Nawab Malik claimed that Kashif Khan, one of the organizers of the cruise party had planned to get Mr. Shaikh and children of top state government officials to attend the party. The whole drug-busting case is questioned and remarked as being pre-planned. He has stated that he was contacted by Kashif Khan on 2nd October to attend the cruise party in which the drugs were openly circulated. Narcotics Control Bureau busted the party and arrested multiple people including Ar...

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The Facebook Papers Expose: Greed Of Tech Giants

What Is Facebook Papers Now?On Monday (October 25) a consortium of American and European news organizations began to put out content that analyzed and exposed thousands of pages of internal company documents of Facebook. The documents were obtained by the former Facebook employee and whistleblower Frances Haugen.  Some of the stories and analyses have been drawn from the redacted versions of disclosures presented to the US Congress in the ongoing proceedings. The said consortium had accessed these redacted documents. Journalists from an array of big and small newsrooms worked together to access and then analyze the documents used for the exposè. A huge tranche of internal documents was obtained by whistleblower Frances Haugen. The series of articles that have been put out since M...

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We The Tax-Payers, And The GOI’S Decadently Sweet Air India Deal

The BJP government finally sold off the debt-ridden maharaja. What is the real cost of this deal? Air India and its iconic Maharaja mascot Do we still need to discuss the Air India deal? If you are among those honest tax-paying Indian citizens who’ve heaved a huge sigh of relief at the closure of the Air India deal, thinking that the Maharaja is finally off your backs, you definitely need to discuss it. You have been successfully duped into believing a lie. Air India, like a clingy Betaal, will stick to our collective tax-paying backs for a long time to come. In fact, Air India’s liabilities will long outlast the present BJP government too. That’s how cloyingly sweet the AI deal is. Perhaps, Tata couldn’t have asked for more. Confused? Quite likely you are, given that the mai...

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