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Zenith Of Theatre Of Resistance; Safdar Hashmi’s “Halla Bol”- Checkout!

The 1st of January is not only significant as it marks the onset of a new year but also because of the grim tale of tragedy that crippled India. On 1 Jan 1989, Safdar Hashmi was attacked in broad daylight while performing a street play, "Halla Bol" in an industrial township, a few kilometers away from Delhi. An immigrant worker from Nepal Ram Bahadur was also shot dead and lost his life that very day. Later, the following day(2nd January) Safdar succumbed to his injuries. This is tragically poetic that a spectator and a performer both lost their respective lives to this brutal attack. Two days later, the Jan Natya Manch(JANAM) went to Jhandapur and completed their play and gave a defiant tribute to the comrade, Safdar Hashmi. Lest we forget his murder and this act of gallantry by his fel...

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The Era of Unionized Coffee: Agreement For Equity And Sustainability!

Corporates all over the world follow the famous philosophy, "Wring your workers & battle your unions." But the historic victory attained by this single Starbucks café in Buffalo, New York symbolizes the power that labor unions still hold even in developed economies. Although this would be the first union for baristas amongst the 8900 (or more) company-owned Starbucks cafes across the US, this single win in Buffalo is significant and bound to create a snowball effect. Union elections were underway in two other cafes in Buffalo. While one of the cafes voted against a union the other is waiting eagerly for the results (delayed amid the controversy of challenged ballots). Two Boston cafes on Monday have filed for union elections. So, the Buffalo café win is surely inspiring workers to pet...

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Elevating The Poverty Ordeal; Deets Inside

On Sunday, the reports from the World health organization (WHO) & World bank suggest, "the pandemic has pushed more than half a billion people into poverty." People already spend huge amounts on healthcare services, the pandemic just gave an unfortunate boost. Not only individuals were seeking treatment/medications for critical illness due to the virus (ICU costs) but also reaching out for professional mental healthcare. The world is still debating about ethical prioritization and distribution of the covid-19 vaccine. These revelations will surely add more to it. When talking of numbers, the High-income nations spend a higher percentage of their GDP on health. But what goes under the radar is that the low-income economies simply do not have the available resources to denote healthcare...

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B-LEARNING: The Presumed Way Of Imparting Education

What is B-Learning? Our lives have itinerated online because of the covid pandemic. Various sectors were forced to migrate online especially the education sector. The ever-rising tech penetration in this particular domain augmented outrageously. Now byjus and unacademy are widely known Edu-tech giants, if anything it showcases the profound impact of e-learning in India. All of this shift was fortunate and unfortunate at the same time. In order to be a part of the social and economic system of society, digital literacy and connectivity are the mandatory prerequisites. With the upliftment of lockdowns and things seemingly going back to normal, Universities schools are coming up with blended learning. In this new UGC(University Grants Commission) proposal, 40% of the course will be taught...

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The Thriving GIG Economy; Everything You Need To Know About It

On Thursday, the European Commission augmented the working status of the Gig economy of Workers. Not only they will be ensured minimum wage but also enjoy benefits like sick pays, leaves, and on-the-job insurance. Amidst the growing concerns about pay-out and social security, Gig workers in India demanded similar coverage (under legislation). Asking for established acts, maternity benefits, and unorganized workers social welfare act/association. There was a petition filed in the Supreme court to secure benefits to the same. According to Investopedia, the gig economy is the one where people work in part-time, temporary positions, or as independent contractors. Gig workers are widely categorized into freelancers, platform economy, and on-demand task-based workforce. India is among th...

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