Women More Employable Than Men In India; Says India Skills Report 2021

According to India Skills Report 2021, women tend to be more employable than men. The report says that the number of women enrolling in colleges has increased over the past. The Wheebox National Employability Test the data of employability stands on 46.8% employable women versus 45.91% employable men.

Although it’s the men who secure the most of the jobs despite women being more employable. The report says that women make the cut of 36 percent of all the professionals where men stand ahead with 64 percent.

Wheebox Founder and CEO Nirmal Singh said, “Finally Gender Gap in Employability is improving with the Indian Digital revolution. One great structural change that we found is that women’s participation is higher than in the previous 5 years. Women consist of 36% of the workforce, while men comprise 64% of all workers”.

A report which was accessed by The Times of India stated that Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh are the top three states with has the highest employability. Where Karnataka took the fourth spot who was followed by Andhra Pradesh. The most preferred city to work for aspiring professionals was Bangalore.

The report is prepared by Wheebox, in partnership with AICTE, AIU, Taggd, CII, and UNDP.