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Justice Ayesha Malik To Be Pakistan’s First Woman Supreme Court Judge; Read On!

Pakistan on 6th of January, has confirmed the nomination of the first woman judge of the supreme court after a high power panel approved the elevation of Lahore high court judge Ayesha Malik to the apex court. This is the first incident in the history of this Muslim majority nation. The judicial commission of Pakistan headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed – approved Ayesha’s elevation by a majority of five votes against four. Ayesha Malik is 55 year old and she is to become the first female judge of the supreme court in the 74 years since the independence of Pakistan. Justice Ayesha Malik This was for the second time the Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP) held a meeting to determine on Justice Ayesha Malik’s elevation. Her name was chosen first for discussion on last year 9th ...

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Marriage For Women At 21 Years: Good Or Bad?

Recently, the cabinet passed a proposal, to raise the minimum age of marriage for women from 18 to 21. The government has taken such a step by hoping that this will lead to women's empowerment. Many have agreed upon this new proposal. But still, there are people who criticize it. Let us look at the benefits of this proposal and issues with child marriages. In June 2020, the ministry of women and child development formed a task force headed by Jaya Jaitly. She said that the reason behind increasing the minimum age for marriage is to tackle the issue of motherhood like the maternal mortality rate and to reduce the deaths during childbirth. Here the main issue is child marriage. When girls are married off at a young age, the chances of death during childbirth increase. The question then ...

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Afghanistan: Will The Dreams Of Afghani Girls Under Taliban’s Rule Shatter?

On 15th August 2021, The Taliban, an Islamist fundamentalist movement took over the control of Afghanistan by conquering its capital, Kabul. This has turned the functioning of the Afghan government upside down. Taliban’s encounter and their extreme interpretation of Islamic sharia law have severely impacted the lives of young girls and women in Afghanistan. Taliban has not only restricted women to work across the country, but also excluded girls from school during the year 1996-2001 when they held power over roughly three-quarters of Afghanistan. After the U.S led invasion toppled Taliban rule in 2001, girls began attending schools and universities and the female literacy rate has reached 30 percent by 2018. But now everyone fears if the history repeats again. Because the girls of s...

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Women More Employable Than Men In India; Says India Skills Report 2021

According to India Skills Report 2021, women tend to be more employable than men. The report says that the number of women enrolling in colleges has increased over the past. The Wheebox National Employability Test the data of employability stands on 46.8% employable women versus 45.91% employable men. Although it’s the men who secure the most of the jobs despite women being more employable. The report says that women make the cut of 36 percent of all the professionals where men stand ahead with 64 percent. Wheebox Founder and CEO Nirmal Singh said, “Finally Gender Gap in Employability is improving with the Indian Digital revolution. One great structural change that we found is that women's participation is higher than in the previous 5 years. Women consist of 36% of the workforce, whil...

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