Sonia Gandhi Took Over The Command Of Omicron In The Congress Ruled States, Plan Made To Cut The BJP

Amid the Omicron crisis in the country, the command of monitoring the Congress-ruled states has now been directly taken over by Sonia Gandhi. During the possible third wave of Covid, the top leadership has become active on the issue of Covid so that no questions should be raised on the management of Congress-ruled states. Party worried about Corona crisis Regarding this, on Sunday, Congress President Sonia Gandhi called the Chief Ministers of Congress-ruled states. The high command of the party has directed the CMs of Congress-ruled states that there should be no negligence regarding the Omicron spreading and concerted efforts should be made to deal with any emergency effectively. The high command has asked the CM of the states to tell the people of the state that their party is mor...

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Marriage For Women At 21 Years: Good Or Bad?

Recently, the cabinet passed a proposal, to raise the minimum age of marriage for women from 18 to 21. The government has taken such a step by hoping that this will lead to women's empowerment. Many have agreed upon this new proposal. But still, there are people who criticize it. Let us look at the benefits of this proposal and issues with child marriages. In June 2020, the ministry of women and child development formed a task force headed by Jaya Jaitly. She said that the reason behind increasing the minimum age for marriage is to tackle the issue of motherhood like the maternal mortality rate and to reduce the deaths during childbirth. Here the main issue is child marriage. When girls are married off at a young age, the chances of death during childbirth increase. The question then ...

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Is Jan-Dhan Yojana Poor Men’s Scheme?

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana was a significant scheme launched  by Modi soon after coming to power in 2014. Primarily, it aimed at providing banking facilities to the multitudinal poor and the marginalized section of the society. It is true that since our independence banking facilities were not accessible to millions of the poorest of the poor. Therefore, It was undoubtedly a landmark decision taken by the govt. BENEFITS It was announced that the account holders would be provided with a debit card plus an accidental insurance amount of one lakh rupees. One could also open an account with zero balance. ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE GOVT After 7 years, it is recorded that 43.04 accounts have been opened and an amount of 146,230.71 crores have been deposited in the bank accounts.Of...

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