Sonia Gandhi Took Over The Command Of Omicron In The Congress Ruled States, Plan Made To Cut The BJP

Amid the Omicron crisis in the country, the command of monitoring the Congress-ruled states has now been directly taken over by Sonia Gandhi. During the possible third wave of Covid, the top leadership has become active on the issue of Covid so that no questions should be raised on the management of Congress-ruled states.

Party worried about Corona crisis

Regarding this, on Sunday, Congress President Sonia Gandhi called the Chief Ministers of Congress-ruled states. The high command of the party has directed the CMs of Congress-ruled states that there should be no negligence regarding the Omicron spreading and concerted efforts should be made to deal with any emergency effectively. The high command has asked the CM of the states to tell the people of the state that their party is more serious and worried about the Corona crisis, while the Modi government is only busy with elections and not at all worried about people.

Sonia Gandhi

Rashid Kidwai, a senior journalist who understands the politics of Congress closely, said, the Congress party is in government in three states, in other states it is in the role of opposition. Yet it remains extremely serious about public health issues. This is the reason why Congress President Sonia Gandhi has started taking interest in the situation in Congress-ruled states. In this, Congress also wants to make an edge over the party in the terms that it is more sensitive about public health issues, only then the chief of the party is also monitoring it from her own level.

Plan made to surround Modi government

Congress party is preparing a strategy on how to surround the government on the issue of Corona. Under the strategy, Sonia Gandhi will bring the allegations of lack of foresight in dealing with the Corona crisis on the Modi government to the public with her facts. Congress party want people to know that the Modi government did not handle Corona properly and did not take appropriate steps in time.

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According to a few important Congress sources, the party will also inform the people that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had said on January 12, 2020, that Corona is coming as a big crisis, but the then Health Minister Harsh Vardhan didn’t take him seriously and said, “Rahul forcibly scared the country”. When Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had already warned the government about the economic tsunami that Corona would cause, but the ministers of the government made fun of him and did not take him seriously.

The Congress will tell the general public that the government is trying to hide its failure on the issue of unemployment in the economy by giving an excuse to the Corona crisis, while according to figures, unemployment was at the top in 2018 itself and the economy has started crumbling since 2017. Inflation is at its peak, but PM Modi is unable to do anything to give relief to the public. On the contrary, the government has hurt the public by increasing GST on all essential things on the New Year. Congress Party has also started a campaign to make videos and pamphlets related to these allegations to the public.