Why Was The Prime Minister In Such A Hurry To Withdraw The Agricultural Laws?

Today is November 19th. Birthday of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The birthday of Guru Nanak Dev, Prakash Parv. At around eight in the morning, the Prime Minister's Office suddenly tweeted that the Prime Minister of the country, Modi Ji is going to address the nation exactly one hour later at 9.00 am. The Prime Minister, wrapped in a beautiful shawl, came to address the nation and formally announced the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws brought about a year and a half ago to scientifically improve the country's agriculture sector. However, in the winter session of Parliament, they will be officially withdrawn under the process. After this announcement of the Prime Minister, three farmer leaders were informed about it. One of them was Chaudhary Harpal Singh. The sleepless...

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It Is Time To Put A Stop To Farmers’ Demonstrations And Politics

As seen by the Congress party's employment of a divide-and-rule strategy to win elections during the dreaded Khalistan period in the 1960s and 1980s, the Congress party demonstration that politics could fracture even the most solid of communities. Despite the fact that Sikhs and Hindus are almost similar in Punjab, the Khalistanis started killing Sikhs, Hindus, and anybody else who dared to oppose them as a consequence of a large number of murders and the resultant bad blood. A Glimpse of Farmers' protest A long-distance relationship between Khalistan and Pakistan is re-emerging in some sections of Punjab, this time after many decades of absence. While it is true that there is a farmer's strike underway, no one can deny that political parties and foreign funders are assisting in its...

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