Earth Day 2022: How Can We Bring Environmental Condition Under Control Using Ancestral Rites? Check Out!

This earth was long before us, it is there even when we were not there, even if we humans are not there. Earth and nature strike their own balance. We humans should maintain the existence of this earth to maintain our existence. This is the message on Earth Day.

Every day is Earth Day for those who work for the environment. Our job is to understand how we can work to maintain the environment better and how can we give a safe environment to the coming generation. We should focus on how our farmers in the village can save the environment by using science, engineering along with rural traditional methods.

We should work to connect the villagers with basic problems like electricity and water with solar energy. Together with the government, the mission of solar energy is to reach the villages.

By using Solar energy we can maintain the balance of earth and humans. Solar energy can run flour mills, solar energy can run cold storage so that the means of livelihood can increase. We should use waste biomass by taking into consideration that the standard of living of farmers can be improved.

The Prime Minister is working on solar pumps to supply water to the fields under the Kusum Yojana. In this, not only green energy but water should not be wasted, attention was also paid to it. Everything we do should be focused on saving the environment.

Days like Earth Day remind us time and again to keep thinking for the earth. Like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day reminds us to celebrate the affection given to us by them. If we talk about development and the environment, then the question arises of whether there will be harmony or not. But now the technology is such that development also takes place and the environment is not harmed.

For example, biomass can be burnt directly in the ‘chulha’ but with the same biomass set up a small industry in the village. Make a pellet of biomass and use it on the stove, then it is also development and also protects the environment.

The smoke is reduced by 90%. Another example— the solar dryer. If the farmer preserves the perishable vegetable with the use of a solar dryer, then they will be able to save it from spoilage and will be able to avoid the compulsion to sell it at a low price. It is also developing and that too eco-friendly.

Food wastage is a big problem in India. Don’t let food go to waste. The farmer grows the crop with a lot of hard work. Throwing away the leftover food releases methane, which harms the environment. Methane is a greenhouse gas, so do not let the food on the plate go to waste. So, we all should try on our levels to reduce the wastages as much as we can, this is our earth and we should save our earth anyhow.