India Registers Active Covid Cases Of Over 3 Lakh In 24hrs; Lessons World Can Learn From COVID-19


There is no doubt that pandemic has been harsh on everybody be rich or poor every has some sort of devastating story to tell which pandemic has given to them. Some became orphans some lost their earning members. Some lost their dear ones and many suffered from the devastating events.

There is a saying every coin has two sides. Though pandemics being harsh on everyone has taught some lessons from our routine jogging to shaping our view indeed pandemics taught us few lessons which the world should recognize. Let’s see how.


Getting ready in advance for any emergency-like situation which could probably happen in the future can help to minimize the effect arising out of any pandemic-like situation. During the initial stages, the lack of awareness and testing infrastructure is one of the reasons why we have faced a drastic wave 2.

Preparedness can not only help to reduce the risk but also prepare and draft necessary policies required to tackle any event.

Mental Health Is Not A Joke

Over some time pandemic has made us realize the fact mental health is not at all a joke. Anxiety, depression, crying is serious symptoms.

According to reports, people have suffered more during pandemics from mental disorders and other psychological I’ll state than normal days. Also, mental health has deteriorated more in pandemics causing more rapes, domestic violence, etc.

Medical Infrastructures Need Transformation

Pandemic has given the idea that our medical infrastructure is not at all ready and has an appropriate stock of medicine and other supplies.

People died of treatment, oxygen, medicine, food, etc. This itself tells how much weak our infrastructure is and needs transformation.

Stay With Loved Ones

No one has at least lost one member of their family due to covid. Life is too short. don’t waste it behind running money.

Our Needs Are Limited

Spending most of our time at home with our loved ones has made everyone realize the fact that our needs are very limited. We can live our lives with minimal things.

From foods to trying different hidden talents every moment has been bliss. Who could even think that momos, pizza, dalgona coffee can be made at home and could taste even better than the restaurants?

Mask Is Important

The virus doesn’t distinguish between rich and poor. Mask and vaccination are important. Do not take it for granted.

Nothing Is Avobe Humanity

These days people have come up at individual as well as on community level to help covid patients financially or mentally. From arranging beds to providing food people are doing best or one can say even better than our system.

Final Words

We can only honor and learn lessons from those people who have lost their lives while battling and serving people during these tough times. These lessons can help the world to transform their medical infrastructure, health care, and most importantly the view towards life to tackle future emergencies. One thing as a society we should understand that is we are in this thing together, we will fight and survive in this together. Inspire people.