“India Accounts For Nearly 50% of World’s New Covid-19 Cases, 25% Of Deaths”, Says WHO

Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in India. Every second person in India is getting infected by the virus and it has become a matter of global concern.WHO, while addressing the whole pandemic situation said on Wednesday that India accounts for nearly 50% of the World’s new cases and 25% of deaths in its weekly epidemiological report. The number of daily infections rose to 3,82,315 on Wednesday. India’s second wave of coronavirus has been disastrous and has seen hospitals run out of beds and oxygen and morgues and crematoriums are overflowing.

Prime Minister Modi has been highly criticized for not taking appropriate measures sooner to curb the spread of the virus. Indian author Arundhati Roy had take taken to her social media to express rage against PM Modi and even asking him to step down if he can’t do anything to suppress the further spread of this deadly virus. She wrote, “We need a government. Desperately. And we don’t have one. We are running out of air. We are dying…”

“This is a crisis of your making. You cannot solve it. You can only make it worse…. So please go. It is the most responsible thing for you to do. You have forfeited the moral right to be our prime minister” she added.

Stay at home guys it’s the least we can do to stop the further spread of this virus.