EWS Seats In Private School Vacant By 33% In Delhi In The Pandemic Year 2020-21

EWS seats in private school remains vacant in pandemic.

EWS seats in the private school in the capital remains vacant by more than 33%. EWS category is the category reserved for poor students and In Delhi 25% of seats are reserved for such kids. This reservation of 25% also includes DG [Disadvantage Group]. For the academic session of 2020-2021 around 50,000 seats were available and 17,000 remains unfilled in the capital.

EWS Seats Status In Delhi and Other States:

During the session of 2020-2021 the admission stretched over nine months in Delhi. By the end of 2020 over 17,000 seats were vacant. Whereas in 2019-2020 total applications received in Delhi touched 1,39,508 and out of which all of the 50,567 seats were filled. Bright Spots Report shows many states like Andhra Pradesh, Jammu&Kashmir, Kerala, Telegana, West Bengal did not Implement Section 12(1) (C).

EWS seats details in some of the states.

In Maharashtra admissions were stretched over nine months and 36,251 seats remained vacant. In many states like Karnatka admissions were on time but applicaions dropped by 38%.In Uttarakhand after second round of admission 14,000 seats remained empty. One more important thing to understand is that in year 2020-2021 the number of seats were reduced by many states. As a result the filling percentage is up as compared to session of 2019-20. Such as In Maharashtra filling rate foe session 2020-21 is 74.7% compared to 67% in session 2019-20. Similarly, in Delhi too the filling rate is 63.7% as compared to 56% of session 2019-20.

In some states the admission process were delayed by six or nine months and few states did not take any admission. Due to the Pandemic education for poor has suffered a lot as there are many challenges to face. One main reason for this decline is financial and economical loss , other is parents not able to submit documents on time, not access to internet and technology. The girl child suffered more loss during this pandemic as compared to boys of the poor strata. Data from nine states clearly shows dip in the filling up of EWS seats. The Bright Spots this year hosted Right To Education 2020 in association with Save The Children , India. Aim of this programme is to find the ways to help every child to get education under the Act Right To Education. This year the focus is how to educate during pandemic and reopening school safely.