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EWS Seats In Private School Vacant By 33% In Delhi In The Pandemic Year 2020-21

EWS seats in the private school in the capital remains vacant by more than 33%. EWS category is the category reserved for poor students and In Delhi 25% of seats are reserved for such kids. This reservation of 25% also includes DG [Disadvantage Group]. For the academic session of 2020-2021 around 50,000 seats were available and 17,000 remains unfilled in the capital. EWS Seats Status In Delhi and Other States: During the session of 2020-2021 the admission stretched over nine months in Delhi. By the end of 2020 over 17,000 seats were vacant. Whereas in 2019-2020 total applications received in Delhi touched 1,39,508 and out of which all of the 50,567 seats were filled. Bright Spots Report shows many states like Andhra Pradesh, Jammu&Kashmir, Kerala, Telegana, West Bengal did not I...

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