1 In 3 Teenage Girls Anaemic In Urban Society; Lifestyle’s A Major Cause: Study

A recent report states that anemia affects the urban society further with one in three teenage girls affected in cities. the most reason being they like diet fad or food. in step with the doctors, the dietary choices are increasing turning to subtle food lacking vital nutrients. Many tykes skip breakfast which should be the most important meal of the day. It ends up in wrong eating habits that cause weakness within the body system.

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Family meals also are a giant casualty of urban work schedules with teenagers and youngsters eating food at schools and restaurants. the incorrect choice of bread, oils, and dressings results in empty calories pilling up without essential vitamins and minerals.

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In India, 55.8% of women and 24.7% of men have anemia with the highest prevalence in Assam and Jharkhand (69%) followed by Bihar (67.4%). Even the city of New Delhi incorporates a female anemic population of an alarming 44.3%. According to the National Family Health Survey III, anemia causes one in five pregnancy-related deaths, triples the danger of premature delivery and low birth weight babies and increases the risk of fetal death nine-fold. Anemia affects 24.7% of adult men.

Anemia in mothers also ends up in irreversible brain damage and poor development in babies. Most young girls lack basic awareness about health which produces them undernourished adults and a while unhealthy mothers.

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Haemoglobin should be over 12 gm/dl for girls and 13 gm/dl for men. in step with the doctors eating iron-rich food isn’t enough it has to be absorbed by the body yet. Vitamin C aids in absorption while caffeine within the tea and occasionally prevent it. Green leafy vegetables are another good source of iron.