Why DOLO 650 Has Been A Favorite Medicine During The Pandemic? Find Out Here!

For the last 2 years, DOLO 650 has been very famous in the Indian medicine market. It is manufactured in Bangalore-based micro labs and has been labeled the best medicine for Indians for fighting covid. The sales of Dolo 650 have been increased drastically during the pandemic. It has become a doctor’s favorite medicine while treating patients with covid. The sales of Dolo 650 exponentially increased. Dolo 650 has become a popular painkiller and an antipyretic tablet. Pyretic here means fever-causing substance and antipyretic means fever-curing substance. since fever is a very common symptom in covid, therefore, Dolo 650 is prescribed. Dolo 650 is a tablet that is of paracetamol compound.

We are right now suffering from a pandemic for the last two years. In these two years, we have seen the worst events. Large several deaths, shortage of vaccines and medicines, and whatnot. Many of us have so many untold stories because of covid. Since last month we have been fighting with the omicron variant of covid. During these two years, doctors and health workers have prescribed much medicine for the treatment of patients with covid but among them, one such medicine was Dolo 650.

According to records, since the pandemic, India has sold about 350 crore pills. Dolo 650 has even surpassed medicines of the international brand like Calpol and crocin. Indeed, Dolo 650 from Bangalore-based Indian pharmaceutical firm the micro labs has even surpassed the sales of standard paracetamol tablet crocin.

According to experts the success behind the Dolo 650 is the fact that doctors still prescribe it. It is the most popularly prescribed medicine suitable for every age group with minimal side effects. The most important characteristics of dolo 650 are that it is no different from crocin, Calpol, and pcimol but it is safe for patients suffering from heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes as well.

Dolo 650 can be consumed by people of all ages. Today Dolo 650 has become a synonymous tablet of paracetamol compound and now has become a brand that has established its strong presence in the medicine market.

Dolo 650 and 500 are manufactured by MICRO LABS LIMITED which is Bangalore based pharmaceutical company. The start of this company was quite normal and in 1973 under the leadership of GS Surana the company was established in madras. Slowly the second plant was established in Hosur, Karnataka and today the annual turnover of this company is about rs.2700 crores. The core areas of these companies include cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, and diabetology.

Apart from Dolo, this company also manufactures Amlog and anti-diabetic drug tenepride to treat patients with high blood pressure.

Apart from the core characteristics of Dolo 650, social media has equally responsible for making this medicine famous. Thousands of memes are been shared on social media platforms talking about Dolo 650.

Apart from this panic among the people has equally contributed to its sales.

Covid has been harsh on everybody. Not a single house has been left unaffected. Therefore, in this situation having an option of medicines in form of Dolo 650 is a quite safer option especially when you fighting a virus with multiple variants.