Ukraine Invasion: European Nations Curb Airspace For Russia

Countries have started blockading their airspace for aircraft operated or registered by Russia in recent times, within the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

EU ups the ante with Russia; closes airspace, bans media | European Union News | Al Jazeera

The use of airspace has become a vital tool by countries to affirm they absorb geopolitical conflicts. Following the Balakot airstrikes, Pakistan closed its airspace to India. The European nations closed their airspace last year for flights from Belarus after it forced a plane to land to arrest a dissenting journalist.


Ukraine had earlier closed its airspace for Russia in 2015. 29 countries have issued Notice to Air Missions (NOTAMs) and disallowed the utilization of their airspace to Russian planes apart from Ukraine.

Countries Closed Their Airspace For Russia?

As far as the sources are concerned, countries like the UK, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Malta, Canada, Denmark, Croatia, Luxembourg, France, Albania, Hungary, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Portugal and Sweden have closed their airspace for Russia.

EU closes airspace to Russian planes, will supply arms to Ukraine

It means, flights being operated by Russian airlines or Russia-registered private jets would force to undertake considerably lengthy detours to fly out of the country.

How has Russia responded?

In response to counter the closure, Russia has also closed its airspace to carriers from 36 nations, including Canada and European countries. The Russian invasion of Ukraine In the Russian invasion of Ukraine, over 350 civilians are killed thus far.

Ukraine invasion: EU shuts airspace to Russian planes - BBC News

As far as the latest satellite images are considered, the 40-mile-long convoy is heading to Kyiv. Ukraine maintains its stand that, its goal for the talks was an instantaneous ceasefire.

On the opposite hand, Russian President solon has put its nuclear deterrent forces in a very “special regime of combat duty”.

EU-wide ban looms as more European countries shut airspace to Russia | Daily Sabah

Several nations like the US, Germany, Canada and Australia have decided to send military support to Ukraine to counter Russia’s army.