The Connection Of Food And Culture Is Much More Than We Think, Here Know How?

Top view composition of various Asian food in bowls, free space for text

Have you wondered about the food or cuisine that you enjoy daily may speak a lot about our tradition and many untold stories? Many ceremonies are incomplete without certain foods like pakhla that is an Oriya dish that is offered to Lord Jagannath and it is said that even Lord Jagannatha’s food is incomplete without pakhala bhat. There are so many food stories around us but we hardly pay attention to them. India is a land of diverse cultures but also diverse in food culture. Different parts of India have some dishes which are their identities like idli, dosa, Kerala mutton curry, tundey kabab of Lucknow, Hyderabadi biryani, dhokla of Gujrat, mache jhol of west Bengal,thupka and what not.

There are more connections between food and our culture than we think.

When we talk about childhood there are many stories especially related to what we have made with our loved ones. We grow up while tasting our cultural foods and exploring ourselves with varieties of food being prepared in the home. Dal chawal, roti sabzi, curry, kheer, and what not. There are so many untold stories behind every food plater. We get our Mom used to give khichri, whenever there will any celebration kheer puri, halwa used to be made. Pongal is made in south India, banana chips of Kerala no one can forget their aroma oh my God!

In India, there is a saying the family that eats together stays together. It is because a dinner table is not just about people having food together with is more about sharing memories, bonds, and love that family members have for each other through a medium called FOOD. Food and culture have an unbreakable connection. from any function whether it is a marriage or death ceremony food has been a part of every crucial event. Feelings are expressed through food. Food is our identity. South Indian dishes, North Indian dishes, northeastern dishes, and all tribal foods are part of our rich glorious history. A platter food is not just a portion of food made up of some ingredients but is a platter made up of love and respect.

With the globalization and integration of different economies of the world, people can explore different cuisines. People living in America can have Indian, Mexican, or Chinese cuisine and many more. Who can even think that south African countries can have Indian restaurants?

These all because of the immigrants and people of a different nationality who settle themselves but never forget their roots and try to make themselves still connected with their culture by creating a very homely atmosphere. The best example can be Canada which is often known as mini Punjab. On the other hand, it allows food explorers or foodies to try different recipes with a pinch of a little variation.

The food which we make holds significant importance in our life. Its shows the history, people, civilization, culture, etiquettes, unity, and integrity. On top of that how well connected we are with our culture irrespective of the achievements we made