Texas: 18-Year-Old Kills 19 Children In America, Shooter’s Last Message Was Scary!

The loss of life in the primary school shooting occurrence in Uvalde, Texas has increased to 21. A sum of 21 individuals, including 19 kids, are found to be dead. Allow us to let you know that an 18-year-old shooter started shooting at a primary school in Texas on Tuesday, killing 21 individuals. As per the government, this is the most deadly attack on the nation’s schools. Prior, Governor Greg Abbott had informed about the shooting regarding 14 understudies and an educator in a public interview.

His last message was to a girl on Instagram

Abbott said the shooter has been distinguished as Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old. He is a local US resident. It is suspected that first, he shot his grandma, then, he messaged a girl at 9:16 am and wrote, “I am about to” Then the girl asked him “About to what?? His reply was scary as he wrote, “I have a little secret, I will tell you before 11 am.”

And at that point, he came to Rob Elementary School and started shooting little children. Before that, he left his car. It is thought that he brought a handgun and perhaps a rifle with him. His body was also found on the spot, yet it is being said that the high official shot him.

Joe Biden expressed grief

President Joe Biden expressed pain over the occurrence, saying, “Today there will be a few guardians who won’t ever see their kid from now on, guardians who won’t ever go back. Losing your kid resembles losing a piece of your spirit. I appeal to the whole country to pray to God for them, pray to God for them to be reinforced in this dim time.”

Biden again fought weapon campaigning in a location from the White House and said that this present time is the opportunity to make a move against it.

500 students were studying

It is being informed that more than 500 students are studying and concentrating in the school. This school helps in the training of economically unable students. Ted Cruz, a US congressperson from Texas, tweeted that he and his wife were praying to God for the prosperity of children directly following the terrible assault in Uvalde.

Let us tell you that this is accepted to be the greatest attack on a school since the death of 14 secondary school students and three teachers in Parkland, Florida in 2018. In 2012, 20 youngsters and six laborers were killed at an elementary school in Connecticut. President Joe Biden has been told briefly about the Texas attack. Nearby police said a suspect has been arrested after a shootout that started around early afternoon.