US President Joe Biden First Abuses Then Apologises To A Journalist, Check Out The Matter Here

US President Joe Biden became furious at the question of a journalist and abused him on the mic in front of everyone. The fault of this journalist was that he had questioned Biden on the increased inflation in the country. The incident happened on Monday when US News Network journalists were asking questions in front of Biden. Meanwhile, Fox News journalist Peter Dacky asked Biden questions about the rising inflation in the country. He questioned whether the rising inflation in the country was not due to his failure. This angered Biden so much that he did not even notice that the mic was on. He told the journalist there, "That is a great asset. More inflation? What a stupid son of bitch." Biden's look was caught on camera. However, later the journalist said that when the President ...

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Xi-BIDEN Virtual Summit: A Quick Look At The Relevance And Takeaways

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping held a virtual meeting recently. The world watched cautiously as the two clashing behemoths of the international, geopolitical stage discussed ways to scale down mutual mistrust and prevent potential clashes. On Tuesday the Chinese president Xi Jinping met his American counterpart Joe Biden over a virtual meeting. Xi and his group of advisers spoke to Biden who was joined by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and a few more aides. This meeting comes in the midst of rising tensions between the two of the biggest powers in the world right now. Understandably, both countries and possibly everyone else who was following this summit closely had low expectations and high hopes from this meeting.  Joe Biden in the middle of the virtual summit with Chinese Pres...

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Will Pakistan Bow Under US Pressure?

America is going to join hands with Pakistan to eliminate terrorist groups in Afghanistan. The US administration has given this information. According to the report, the US is close to a formal agreement with Pakistan to use the airspace to conduct military and intelligence operations in Afghanistan. CNN quoted sources as saying that Pakistan has expressed its willingness to sign a memorandum of understanding in return for counter-terrorist efforts and ties with India. But the talks are not over yet. At the same time, some sources say that Pakistan's motive behind bowing to America may also be to increase friendship with India. Pakistan feels that relations with India can improve if it supports America in ending terror. At the same time, some sources say that this step can help Pak to get...

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Indian-Origin Neera Tanden Got A Big Responsibility In The White House

Indian-origin Neera Tanden has once again lived up to the trust of President Joe Biden. For this reason, he has been made the staff secretary in the White House this time. After this appointment, she has got an important responsibility. In which she can control all the documents of President Biden. Neera Tanden has become the first Indo-American to be appointed to this position. Earlier in May, Neera was made a senior advisor to Joe Biden. White House staff secretaries work behind the scenes, but their role is very important. One official said the staff secretary's role is similar to the central nervous system, which drives the decision-making process and manages a variety of issues for the president. An official was quoted as saying by Politico that Tanden will retain her position...

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