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India Launched S4 Submarines Of Arihant Class, Are Nuclear Power Submarines The Future?

Recently India launched S4 submarines of Arihant class which is a nuclear power submarine. But according to the reports, the media is covering the news as secretly launched which is not true in the real sense. Let's discuss it. BRIEF ABOUT THE SUBMARINES During the war of 1971 when the USA dents its warships to him southern India to save Pakistan. USSR came to India's rescue and deployed its nuclear submarine to defend India. Since then there a need arose to have submarines to safeguard the areas of national waters. submarines are a very good tool. advantage of the nuclear submarine over diesel-electric submarines is they don't have to frequently come over the surface of the water for refueling and can stay in water for months. Also, it makes lesser noise compared to die...

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Turkmenistan’s Darwaza Gas Crater: What Makes It So Special?

Recently, the government of Turkmenistan plans to close the Turkmenistan's Darwaza gas crater or the gateway to hell, one of the most important tourist spots, Turkmenistan has. But a big question here arises why and what makes this crater so special and attractive? How did this crater get the name of Darwaza?In Turkmenistan's local language Darwaza means gateway and also there is one village nearby this crater named Darwaza and that is how it got its name. What's so special about this crater?This crater is 30m deep and has fire engulfed in this crater. This crater is one of the most beautiful at the same scary scene nature has created. The beauty of this crater is magnificent but at the same scary enough to tag it the gateway to hell. Also this fire irrespective of the temperature n...

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