Andhra Pradesh: ‘Casino Row’ Is Unfurling Into A Dirty Political Drama

A fiery political drama is unfurling in Andhra Pradesh after the opposition TDP charged Kodali Venkateswara Rao, a high profile minister in the state government. The civil supply and consumer affairs minister was accused of operating a 'casino' for a week during the Sankranti festival at a convention centre owned by him. A video clip has gone viral showing a person dealing cards at a table at the centre. The convention centre is situated at Gudivada in Krishna district which incidentally is Kodali's home turf. However, state chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has distanced his government from this controversy. TDP accused the star minister that he is a supporter of the prohibition policy of the government and issued a statement supporting the ban and had also spoken against ga...

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A Political Tit For Tat Game In Tripura Between Ruling BJP And New Entrant TMC

Tripura will go to poll in 2023, but the political scenario is undergoing a dramatic change. The state is witnessing unprecedented violence between the ruling BJP and the state's new entrant TMC. Interestingly, the political observers are seeing an unfolding of tit for tat political game in the state between the two rivals. In West Bengal, BJP, who tried to whack TMC faced extreme violence and atrocity. Whereas, TMC, which is challenging the ruling BJP in  Tripura, is facing a similar backlash allegedly by the ruling party. BJP vs TMC CPM's 25 years reign ended in 2018 when BJP captured 36 seats out of 60 and formed the government. TMC tried back then but flunked to open an account. However, after the spectacular win in the election last May in West Bengal, it turned its attenti...

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Manohar Parrikar’s Son Utpal Parrikar Resigns From BJP, Citing His Dissatisfaction With The Party’s Refusal To Give Him A Ticket

Former Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar's son Utpal Parrikar has resigned from the primary membership of the BJP. On the same day, Utpal had announced to enter the electoral fray as an independent candidate from the Panaji constituency. Let us tell you that BJP was trying to persuade Utpal for several days but he was unhappy with the party not getting a ticket from Panaji. BJP said, if Manohar Parrikar had been there, this would not have happened BJP candidate from Panaji seat Atanasio Monserrate on Friday said the party tried its best to persuade Utpal Parrikar, son of former Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, to request him to contest from any constituency. Monserrate said the party did its best to convince him. I am sure if his father Manohar Parrikar was alive, this thing ...

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Manipur Goes To Poll Amid Insurgency And Political Instability

Political leaders in Manipur are readying themselves for two-phase voting on 27th Feb and 3rd March in the coming Assembly Election. Apart from political instability, the election is being held at a time when the security forces had several skirmishes with insurgent outfits creating an atmosphere of insecurity and instability thus breaking the tenuous peace of the state. In the recent ambush and bomb blast, one Assam Rifles officer and a soldier were killed respectively. Against this backdrop, the Chief Election Commissioner has assured the people of a safe election. PREVAILING POLITICAL SITUATION In the last election, Congress won 28 seats out of 60 assembly seats and thus became the largest elected party. However, when they failed to form the govt, BJP succeeded in forming the gov...

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Assembly Elections: People Including Journalists Now Allowed To Vote Using Postal Ballot

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has allowed certain persons in five states to exercise their franchise by using the postal ballot facility. The commission has announced that employees serving in 11 sectors, including journalists will be allowed to vote using the postal ballot facility. A notice has been sent to the chief electoral offices of Punjab, Manipur, Uttarakhand and Goa. Aged, Disabled And COVID Positive Patients Get Exemptions The commission had earlier allowed voters of 80 years and above, persons with disabilities (more than 40%) and COVID positive patients to cast their vote through postal ballot. Casting votes through postal ballots in Uttar Pradesh has been permitted to employees health and family welfare, traffic department, postal department, elect...

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