“Aim Is To End Hatred In Country, And For That Modi Needs To Be Defeated,” Says Rahul Gandhi: Deets Inside!

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, stated on Tuesday that he wants to eradicate hatred in the nation and that Prime Minister Narendra Modi must be defeated at the Centre to achieve this goal.

Speaking at an election rally in Nampally, he claimed that hate has been propagated throughout the nation by the RSS, Modi, and “hardliners.” During his Bharat Jodo Yatra, Congress came up with the slogan “opening a’mohabbat ki dukaan’ (shop of love) in the ‘nafrat ke bazaar’ (market of hate),” he said. He also mentioned that as he battles Modi, 24 cases have been filed against him in different states, and the courts have been calling him on occasion.

“First time, for defamation, I got two years’ punishment. My Lok Sabha membership was cancelled. My government house was taken away. I said I don’t want it. My home is in the hearts of the crores of poor people in the country,” he stated. In a 2018 defamation case, Gandhi was summoned by an MP-MLA court in Uttar Pradesh on Monday due to allegedly “objectionable” remarks he made about Union minister Amit Shah. Rahul Gandhi did not mention being summoned by the Uttar Pradesh court during his speech at the rally held at Nampally. “The fight is ideological and I cannot compromise on it,” Rahul Gandhi stated.

He questioned how many cases AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi had against him, attacking the latter. Gandhi questioned whether any agency was supporting Owaisi, alleging that the ED and CBI, among other agencies, were always behind him. He asserted that the reason the AIMIM president supports Modi is the reason there isn’t a case against Owaisi.

Additionally, he charged that AIMIM was fielding its candidates in order to harm the Congress and support the BJP in different states. Rahul Gandhi declared, “My goal is to eradicate hatred in the nation, and the defeat of Modi in Delhi is necessary to achieve that.” He stated that Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, the President of the BRS, needs to lose in Telangana before Modi can be defeated in Delhi.

He claimed that the BJP, AIMIM, and BRS were collaborating and cited the BRS’s parliamentary support for the Modi administration. In addition, he wanted to know if KCR was the target of any cases. “He (KCR) runs the most corrupt government,” he mentioned. Agencies like ED, CBI and IT are not behind KCR or AIMIM, he stated.