PM Modi Was Called An ‘Angootha Chhaap’ In A Tweet By Karnataka Congress

A tweet on the Twitter handle of Karnataka Congress, wherein Prime Minister Narendra Modi was referred as 'Angootha Chhaap' or illiterate, ignited controversy. Posted on October 18th, the tweet focused on the work done by Congress in building schools. It read as: "Congress built schools but Modi never went to study. Congress even set up schemes for adults to learn, Modi didn't learn there too. People who chose to beg for a living despite beggary being prohibited are today pushing citizens to beggary. The country is suffering because of #angoothachhaap Modi." Read more: Punjab Politics: Amarinder Singh To Form A New Alliance With Like-Minded Parties PM Modi during a meeting Soon after the controversy arose, Karnataka Congress President, DK Shivakumar, regretted this 'uncivil tw...

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PM Modi To Seek Blessings From Baba Kedarnath On November 5

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is known for his trips, national and international, other than his achievements in politics. His trips are majorly professional or pilgrimage. However, his trip to Kedarnath on November 5th is an amalgamation of both. It is reported that PM will conduct a visit to Kedarnath for offering prayers and also for inaugurating Kedarpuri reconstruction projects worth Rs 250 crore. Within a time span of 30 days, it will be his second visit to the state. He visited Rishikesh on October 7th for the purpose of Inaugurating an oxygen plant in AIIMS. Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Pushkar Dhami, has confirmed the reports of PM’s arrival and also informed that it will be much more than for offering prayers. PM Modi’s visits to the Kedarnath temple have been frequ...

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