“Amit Shah’s Statement Is Misleading On Civilians Killing,” Konyak Union, Nagaland

Amit Shah's statement in the parliament regarding the killing of civilians in Nagaland is misleading quoted by The Konyak Union. Shah said that the security forces signalled the civilians vehicle before gunning down. The incident took place on 4th December . Konyak Union Views on Shah's statement: The Spokesperson T Yanlem of Konyak Union called Shah's Statement "Shameful" and said that the incident was not of mistaken identity. She asked for an apology and also said that home minister should retract his statement. Yanlem also said that the para commandos , an elite force, commit a blunder without asserting anything. They killed six young innocent boys returning to their homes in the village. The Tribal Union also held protests in Mon District and burned Amit shah's dummy. kO...

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