Supreme Court Rejects CBSE’s Marks Improvement Policy, Says Students Should Get Option

The Supreme Court on Friday giving an important decision in the interest of students, canceled provision-28 of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)’s marks improvement policy. The provision of the CBSE Marks Improvement Policy stated that the marks obtained in the Marks Improvement Examination will now be considered as the final marks of Class XII students for the previous academic year.

This matter was heard in the Supreme Court by a bench of Justice AM Khanwilkar and Justice CT Ravikumar. The bench of the Supreme Court said that the students are seeking to retain their original marks, as retaining the marks of the improvement examination may cause problems in taking admission in higher education. The bench further said that the students should have the option to choose between the “better of the two marks” that he has obtained during the examinations.

CBSE changes not enough

During the hearing of the case, the counsel for CBSE argued in the court illustrating that the Board has made partial amendment in the result policy, which has allowed the failed students in the improvement examination to retain their ‘pass’ result, which they have been given to the standard. Found according to the formula. However, the bench questioned this policy and asked the CBSE to reconsider this amendment in the policy as well.

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CBSE- Marks of improvement exam should be considered as final

The counsel of CBSE further argued that since the last stage of examination in such cases is the improvement examination, the marks for the same should be considered as the final grade. Noting that the Board had earlier allowed the students to choose the better of the two marks obtained by him, the bench asked for the justification of this amendment and why the clause can not be removed.

Was asked to reconsider the improvement policy

The Supreme Court asked the CBSE to reconsider its policy of improving the marks obtained in the class 12th improvement examination from the marks obtained according to the standard formula in December 2021. But the board had made partial changes, which were not considered sufficient by the court and the CBSE’s Improvement Marks Policy was rejected. Supreme Court has also directed to give choice option to the students.