Supreme Court Rejects CBSE’s Marks Improvement Policy, Says Students Should Get Option

The Supreme Court on Friday giving an important decision in the interest of students, canceled provision-28 of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)'s marks improvement policy. The provision of the CBSE Marks Improvement Policy stated that the marks obtained in the Marks Improvement Examination will now be considered as the final marks of Class XII students for the previous academic year. This matter was heard in the Supreme Court by a bench of Justice AM Khanwilkar and Justice CT Ravikumar. The bench of the Supreme Court said that the students are seeking to retain their original marks, as retaining the marks of the improvement examination may cause problems in taking admission in higher education. The bench further said that the students should have the option to choose bet...

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Ruckus On Question Asked About Women In CBSE Exam, Priyanka Gandhi Asked – Are We Teaching This To Children?

“What people seem to understand less today is that the wife's emancipation destroyed the parental authority over the children. The mother did not exemplify the obedience she is still trying to insist…. The wife and mother deprived themselves of bringing the man down from his seat through discipline." This was the last paragraph of a comprehension passage in the English paper of Class 10 CBSE exam held on Saturday, which has been criticized for being "lagging behind" and aggressive towards women. According to the CBSE board, this passage was in a set of its English question papers. There was an uproar about this. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi tweeted this paper and asked, "We are teaching this to children?" CBSE's class 10 English paper sparks a row The passage was in se...

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CBSE English Class 10 Exam Sparks Row, Congress And DCW Condemns The Regressive Outlook!

CBSE's English Class 10 exam sparks a row as a result of a controversial passage, Congress and DCW strongly condemns the regressive outlook. According to reports the comprehension passage is regressive , anti-feminist and promotes gender stereotypes too. The Congress party chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi expressed her views in the parliament. The DCW [Delhi Commission for Women] has issued a notice in this matter to the CBSE board. CBSE's English Class 10 Controversial Passage Details: CBSE's English Class 10 passage spoke of "emancipation of the wife, destroying parents' authority over children and how a wife's authority depends on the formal obedience" she gave to the husband. Such phrases and words has caused a uproar on social media and famous political personalities condemning th...

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