Stockholm Water Prize 2022 Goes To Professor Wilfried Brutsaert; Know More

The Stockholm Water Prize 2022 has been awarded by The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) to Professor Wilfried Brutsaert for his innovative add evaluating environmental evaporation.

Prof Wilfried Brutsaert bags Stockholm Water Prize 2022

This prize is widely considered to be the laurels for Water. Professor Brutsaert was awarded this prize as he has developed methods for quantifying evaporation and therefore the role it plays within the Earth’s energy balance that permits for accurate estimations of how precipitation can evolve.

This method is of utmost importance to the exposed local communities across the globe as they’re going to be desperate to predict daily water levels similarly to water levels available in the future.

2022 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate | Xylem

Even though the award was announced on 22nd March, this prize is going to be presented to Professor Brutsaert by Sweden’s King on 31st August in Stockholm during planet Water Week (23rd August to 1st September).

He is receiving a glass statue together with 1 million Swedish monetary units which is resembling around USD 104,000.

Mr. Evaporation, Wilfried Brutsaert, wins Stockholm Water Prize 2022 - SIWI

SIWI may be a not-for-profit, independent organization that aims to strengthen freshwater governance regionally, globally, locally, and nationally. This organization was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Torgny Holmgren is the current decision-maker. This organization performs research, provides advisory services, and builds institutional capacity in five areas of transboundary water management, water governance, the water-energy-food nexus, water and global climate change, and water economics.