Sexual Assault And School Dropouts Goes Parallel To Each Other; Learn How!

One out of each three children who have faced statutory offences, drop out of college in Delhi in line with a study done by the Delhi Commission for the cover of kid Rights (DPCPCR). Looking upto the statistics, out Of the 100 minor assault survivors, 33% dropped out of school and only 9% have plans to resume studies the report revealed which is quite shocking tells us where we are lacking. We are lacking in giving confidence to our girls. The Commission had interviewed 94 girls and 6 boys.

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Going further deeper into the situation, the study also showed only 15% of the survivors received compensation from the government ranging between 30,000 and 50,000. The major reasons for dropping out were long and expensive legal procedures, social stigma, and safety and health concerns. The study found that over 55% of the families of the survivors face challenges in providing education to their children like low income and safety and security of kids.

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About 15% of challenges are non-enrollment in schools, irregularity thanks to staying in shelter homes, upset, bad health and physical disability. One must observe that Lack of interest and poor academic performance was seen as challenges by another 15%.

Many girl victims showed signs of withdrawal and self-imposed isolation post abuse when requires immediate attention.

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in step with the info,932 cases were registered by Delhi Police under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences ( POCSO) Act in 2017-18. Of these, 849 were minor girls while 83 were boys. We need to understand that sexual assault is something which can have a greater impact on the mindset of a child and can ruin their entire life making it very hard for him or her to deal with case of immediate counselling, help is required one should not hesitate to ask for it.