“Saranargh and Bailiagarh,chattisgarh’s new district”-What So Special About the districts?

the new name of the district so formed will be sarangarh bailiagarh district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. sarangarh is carved out of the Raigarh district. bailaigarh is carved out of the baloda Bazar district.

during the British raj era, the sarangarh state was one of the several princely states governed by the raj gond dynasty of Rajputs.

it was originally a dependency of the ratanpur kingdoms and later became one of the eight garhjat states under Sambalpur state.
in 1818 sarangarh became a British protectorate. between 1878 and 1889 sarangarh state was placed under the direct administration of British India owing to economic mismanagement and the infancy of the ruler Bhawani Pratap Singh.

sarangarh was a small feudatory state part of the Chhattisgarh division. sarangarh is one of the historic and important towns of the state of Chhattisgarh. the town of sarangarh falls within the jurisdiction of the Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh and comprises the area of the erstwhile saranagarh princely state.

gomarda wildlife sanctuary is situated near sarangarh there are a lot of hilly terrains in the region. spread over 275 sq km gomarda wildlife sanctuary Chattisgarh has different varieties of wildlife. some of the common species are different types of dears and buffalos.

as per the 2021 aadhar estimates, the bilaigarh population in 2021 is 261041. according to the census of India, the total bilaigarh population is 210517 out of which 104827 are male and 105690 are females. total workers are 97500 depends on multi-skill out of which 54101 are men 43345 are women.

total 28189 cultivators are dependent on agricultural farming out of 19674 are cultivated by men and 8515 are women.17936 people work in agricultural land as labor in bilaigarh men are 10459 and 7477 are women.