Russia-Ukraine Likely To Extend Till Next Year: Boris Johnson

Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes that this war won’t end until Russia wins the conflict with Ukraine. During his visit to India at Hyderabad House, he addressed the press conference organised by columnists and journalists with the incredible exemption.

On the question asked about the Russia and Ukraine war, he said that it’s undeniably true that President Putin has an enormous armed force. This is the main reason why Russia is proceeding with this battle for countless days.

Offering his viewpoint about this, Boris said that this conflict between these two can happen till the next year too. On the off chance that Russia wins this conflict before that, it can end.

Yet, Russia’s definitive objective in this is just victory. Allow us to illuminate you that there was a nitty-gritty conversation on different issues between Boris and PM Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House. During this gathering, a few significant agreements were additionally endorsed between the two countries.

To the extent that the perspectives of the two nations on the Russia and Ukraine war are concerned, India believes the debate should be settled calmly through discourse.

India has previously been expressing that while settling the debate, dealing with the sovereignty and interests of both countries is also vital.

Let us tell you here that Britain is in total with the western nations in this conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Some time prior UK PM Boris Johnson also visited the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. England is one of the nations that have forced extreme sanctions on Russia.

England gave its help to Ukraine in its goal and cast a ballot in the United Nations General Assembly against Russia. In such a case, India didn’t take part in that frame of mind during the goals acquired by the UNSC and the(UNGA) United Nations General Assembly.