Rising Popularity Of Cryptocurrency And Plight Of Business Schools

There has been a tremendous increase in the value of cryptocurrencies over the last few years, and the market size of cryptocurrency is projected to expand to more than $1080 million by 2026. Since then, this innovation has skyrocketed and gained widespread interest. To date (2021), 97% of global tyre users have indicated trust in and optimism about the digital asset. As recently as a few years ago, even business schools showed little enthusiasm for incorporating cryptocurrency education into their curricula. They didn’t think it was real and assumed the technology will go away soon. Despite the doubts, cryptocurrency study is being included in MBA programmes.

Since 2013, the market for cryptocurrencies has grown by more than 90%, and there are now more than 4000 different kinds of cryptocurrencies available. Eighty-eight percent of the market value of all cryptocurrencies is held by the leading ten. As demand for the digital currency has increased, so has its trading volume. As of the year 2020, there have been more than 300 crypto to crypto trades and 300 crypto to fiat currency conversions. Students have increased their desire, and business schools have taken notice of, courses that focus on bitcoin.

There is a great deal of curiosity about the future of payments among business school students. There are around 900 brand-new coins released every day. One may reasonably assert that bitcoin is now receiving a great deal of attention. There is a high level of demand in bitcoin courses, but there are now just a small number of them offered. Students’ growing enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies demands the introduction of new offerings.

There has been a gradual shift among business students away from more conventional coursework and toward the emerging field of bitcoin education. They want to learn more about how technology may improve the way the financial system operates, which is good news for the expansion of educational opportunities related to cryptocurrencies.

There has been a huge growth in the number of business schools in the United States, which now numbers over 6 thousand. Increase in interest from students has prompted universities to finally offer courses in the field. Prior to the collapse of the digital asset, those business schools that had elected to teach the topic benefited.

Like the early Bitcoin investors, many have reaped rewards from being ahead of the crypto-currency curve. Every 10 minutes, the total supply of bitcoins on the market rises. For a very long time now, business schools’ primary purpose has been to aid in the placement of its graduates. Business schools work hard to provide their students this chance by providing them with a solid grounding in the subjects that will help them get jobs once they graduate.

It is the firm policy of all business schools to instil in its pupils a strong commitment to the course material. With the market cap of cryptocurrencies at around $2 trillion, the industry is ripe with possibilities for employment. In light of cryptocurrency’s recent meteoric rise to prominence, it’s clear that this topic deserves its own business school course, which has the potential to generate new income and new jobs.

Business programmes are attempting to educate students not only about Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, but also about the underlying technology and guiding principles. This makes the use of blockchain technology crucial, since no cryptocurrency can function without it. The investments and payments are simplified since the decentralised system (blockchain system) does not rely on any third-party services. Everything we do in a centralised system will have to change, but the result will be increased growth. Courses and topics like these are just the tip of the iceberg for today’s business schools. More study on the fascinating topics surrounding cryptocurrencies is still to come.

Business schools that provide specialised PGDM Programs recognise that today’s incoming students have a greater interest in and understanding of the subject matter than ever before, and they’re scrambling to find ways to tap into their fresh perspectives. Business schools need to take note of the positive effects of cryptocurrency and the revolutionary potential of cutting-edge technology.