Centre’s Target Of Cooperatives Causes Political Uproar In Maharashtra

Cooperatives in Maharashtra have emerged as the cause of corruption and electoral irregularities. These cooperatives in the states' rural economy are controlled by political parties, thereby regulating the voting pattern of the villagers. But very recently Amit Shah, Union Home, and Cooperation Minister declared that the Centre is going to introduce a new cooperative policy soon. This has unnerved the political leaders who are in control of these cooperatives. The  NCP, Congress stalwarts controlling such cooperatives are brazenly shaping the states' cooperative movement and also ensuring their win in the election by means of arm twisting the poor villagers. HOW DO THE BARONS CONTROL THE CO-OPERATIVES? There are various types of cooperatives in the state, Let's take the example of S...

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Tamil Nadu To Achieve $1 Trillion Economy By 2030, Check Out How!

Tamil Nadu is on its way to touching the target of becoming a $1 trillion economy by 2030, the finance minister of the state, Palanivel Thiagarajan, said on January 13. He also said the state will also log in $100 billion exports by the same year. “Not only can we achieve the $1 trillion target very reasonably, we also have unlimited potential if we get some basic things right. We require nominal growth of 13 per cent for the next ten years to achieve this. If you take out the inflation of 5-6 per cent, 7-8 per cent real growth is easily achievable,” Thiagarajan said during a summit. The state has announced two policies -- Tamil Nadu Export Promotion Strategy and Tamil Nadu Fin-Tech Policy. It is being hoped that these new-fangled policies would play a vital role in achieving the vi...

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India Becomes A Global Leader In Call Center Industry!

Call centres in India have established itself as a new and one of  the fastest growing industries providing employments to a vast number of English speaking and technically sound college graduates. This occupation has helped them achieve their financial independence much earlier. What has helped these centers to mushroom is that these students are prepared to accept the time schedule being offered by the English Speaking Countries, working whole night and resting in the day. WHY IS INDIA CHOSEN AS A HOTSPOT? Basically two chief factors spurred Fortune 500 companies to out source their call centers process overseas. First- to reduce cost of operation and second- to enhance the efficiency of business. Beginning in 1990, India has emerged a call center Hot Spot. Companie...

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Telangana And Dalits: KCR’s New Game Before Election

Dalits constitute 17% of the states' population. Keeping an eye on 2023 election KCR the present Chief Minister of Telangana is getting ready to plunge into it. It is known that Dalits favour Congress, and the Chief Minister fears that with the appointment of Revanth Reddy as the PCC chief, he will loose the Dalit votes. But the Dalit vote bank is extremely important for him and he can't neglect it. Therefore, with various schemes and sops he is trying to woo them. For the empowerment of Dalits, he has launched a scheme called Dalit Bandhu. Under this scheme Rupees 10 lakhs would be credited to the bank account of every family directly. But Congress was quick to slam the Chief Minister. The party ridiculed him saying that KCR suddenly wanted to act as a messiah of Dalits when they char...

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Politics Over Capitals In Andhra Pradesh, Deets Inside

People of Andhra Pradesh are divided over the location of state's capital conundrum. Confrontation between RIF (Royalaseema Intellectual Forum)  and APS-JAC (Amravati Parirakshana Samithi - Joint Action Committee) is brewing over the demand for setting up three capitals as planned by the Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy against the demand for a sole capital at - Amravati, a brain child of Chandrababu Naidu an arch rival of the present CM. WHY ARE PEOPLE DIVIDED RIF members backed by YSRC govt are supporting the govt move of setting up three capital opposed to a single capital at Amravati. They justify govt's Initiative for  decentralised development. They argue that in case of three capitals  three different regions of the state can be developed instead of only one. As the RIF suppo...

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