Rajnath Singh Gives Statement On India-China Conflict, Says PLA Attempted To Invade

On Tuesday, Rajnath Singh notified Parliament that Chinese combatants had tried to invade Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh’s Yangtse last week “to unilaterally change the status quo”. However, the Indian Army successfully intercepted their attempts. He also said that the Chinese personnel was propelled to flee because of the “timely intervention” of Indian armies.

The Defense Minister made an official announcement in the Lok Sabha on the conflicts between Indian soldiers and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on 9 December, which harmed many on both sides.

The minister further stated that no Indian troop had died or was drastically harmed in the close fight. “We stopped the Chinese from carrying out their attack in Indian territory and sent them back to their posts,” Rajnath stated, “Our forces are committed to ensuring the territorial integrity of India and are ready to take all steps to prevent any threat to it.”

After 2 days of the 9 December outbreak, the local Indian commanders carried a flag meeting with their Chinese counterparts. They consulted the Friday conflicts in line with current protocols and methods to maintain tranquillity and serenity along the LAC. “We spoke to the Chinese not to provoke such invasions in the region, while we repeated that it is important to retain serenity at the LAC,” Rajnath stated, while describing the flag meeting.

He further stated that India had diplomatically introduced the issue. “I’m certain this house will stand tied in supporting our warriors in their valiant effort,” Rajnath noted.