Rahul Gandhi Visits Women-Run Chocolate Factory in Tamil Nadu’s Ooty, Makes Chocolate: Checkout Here!

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader, stopped in the Nilgiris on his way to his Lok Sabha seat in Kerala’s Wayanad. Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader, was seen making chocolates at a factory in Ooty, Tamil Nadu. The Congress MP was seen interacting with the all-women staff and seeking detailed information on how the candies are made in a video shared by the Congress MP on Sunday of his visit.

Rahul Gandhi paid a visit to one of Ooty’s most famous brands, ‘Moddys Chocolates,’ in the famous hill town located in the Nilgiris, earlier this month while on his way to his parliamentary constituency Kerala’s Wayanad after his Lok Sabha membership was restored. Moddys Chocolates employs 70 women to complete various tasks.

70 incredible women drives one of Ooty’s famous chocolate factories

The 53-year-old leader shared a clip of the video on X and wrote, “A team of 70 incredible women drives one of Ooty’s famous chocolate factories! The story of Moddy’s Chocolates is a remarkable testament to the great potential of India’s MSMEs.” In a video, the Congress leader can be seen transforming into a baker and learning the process of chocolate making at the factory. He also attempts to learn a little Tamil as he asks, “How do I say batao in Tamil?” Gandhi mentions his younger sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra too as he said, “You should call my sister here.”

Ooty’s most celebrated brands: Moddys Chocolates

The chocolate-makers of Ooty are a globally renowned Indian industry nestled among the picturesque Nilgiris. “On my way to Wayanad, recently, I had the delightful experience of visiting one of Ooty’s most celebrated brands: Moddys Chocolates,” he stated while sharing the full video on his YouTube channel. “The entrepreneurial spirit of the couple behind this small business, Muralidhar Rao and Swati, is inspiring. Equally remarkable is the all-women team which works alongside them. This dedicated team of 70 women crafts some of the most exquisite couverture chocolates I’ve ever tasted,” Rahul Gandhi mentioned.

He referred to the GST as the “Gabbar Singh Tax.” “However, like countless other small and medium businesses across India, Moddys is grappling with the burden of the same adversary – the Gabbar Singh Tax. In a landscape where the government appears to favour larger corporations to the detriment of the MSME sector, it is the pure grit of hard-working Indians like the women I met here that sustains India’s growth.”

In order to protect MSMEs, which he claimed collectively have the ability to power the nation’s growth engine, he called for a single GST rate. “Creating industrial hubs and implementing a single GST rate stand as imperative measures to shield these MSMEs, which collectively possess the power to drive India’s growth engine. Women-led teams like this deserve all the support we can give. Muralidhar and Swati’s children deserve an India where their future thrives,” he added.